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Monday, December 28, 2015

Putin to Trump- "read my book" 400-pages of Schmootin' quotes

Vladimir Putin has taken his egotistical Russian passion for self promotion to a new level. Now "Schmootin-Putin" is into self publishing and massive distribution, promoting his own prose. Although he denies having anything to do with this narcissism, it's hard to believe anybody can publish anything about Schmootin'-Putin without his seal of approval.  Now, apparently, everybody who's anybody in Russia is receiving an unsolicited gift copy of quoteable "Schmootin" quotes. I sure wouldn't want to be a person who was left off of Schmootin-Putin's gift list.  (I believe the Chinese tyrant Mao tried the same thing with his Little Red Book.)

Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung bilingual.JPG

Mao Tse-tung (1893-1976) - he's dead and so is his book.

Fortunately, Mao Tse-tung is now dead and his quotable book is posthumously useless. As we all know, Vladimir Putin is, likewise, a mortal human being, just like Mao, he'll eventually die. 

When "Schmootin-Putin" is dead, his book of forgetable quotes will wind up as fuel in a camp fire. Maybe, a few hundred will survive so people can vilify the forgetable quotes. Just like the ugly relics of the communist occupation of Central Europe, the hideous buildings retained to remind the people about the tyranny and austerity of the Russian occupation, the book of "Schmootin-Putin" quotes will serve the same purpose.  

In other words, Putin's self promotion will become his failed legacy.

BBCNews reports:
Officials across Russia have been given a 400-page book of "prophetic" quotes by President Vladimir Putin as a new year gift, it's reported.

The collection, entitled Words That Change The World, (aka, "Schmootin-Putin's" view of the "schworld", according to his Russian understanding of geogrpahy, haha!) was sent to as many as 1,000 people, by one of Mr Putin's top aides, Vyacheslav Volodin, according to the business newspaper RBK

Recipients include MPs, regional governors and civil society representatives. In an accompanying letter, Mr Volodin says the book should be seen as a guide to the Kremlin's "values and guiding principles". He's also reported to have recommended it to a recent meeting of officials as "required reading for any politician". (OMG, the book is obviously being re-printed, imagine that!)

The book is said to include the text of 19 speeches by Mr Putin, and highlights key quotes in bold that the introduction says "predicted and preordained" world events. 

Among the texts are a 2007 speech in Munich in which Mr Putin accused the US of courting disaster by seeking to dominate the global order, and his 2014 address to Russian parliamentarians fiercely defending the annexation of Crimea. (No opposition party recognized in any of Schmootin's speeches. As a matter of fact, Schmootin-Putin's audience look like a ,macabre group of rigor-mortis anataomy lab specimins, dressed up for an Irish wake.)

The book is edited and published by Network, a pro-Kremlin youth movement. "We noticed that everything Putin says to some extent comes true," member Anton Volodin - said to be the brains behind the book - tells RBK. "Putin's words can be described as prophetic."  (Excuse me?....Prophesy! The last I heard, prophesy is dabbling in the occult. In fact, Hitler believed in evil hocus-pocus.)

But the Kremlin itself appears keen to distance itself from the project, at least in public. Mr Putin's official spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, says he hasn't heard anything about the book and therefore can't answer any questions on it.

Earlier this month a 2016 Putin-themed calendar appeared in Russia, showing him in various scenes, including in naval uniform, holding a flower, baring his chest while fishing, and cuddling a dog. Each photo was accompanied by a Putin quote. (I don't think sports illustrated is interested in buying the rights to the Schmootin-Putin flabby photo.)

When Putin dies, as he will, his book, calendars and his horrific legacy will be vilified. Meanwhile, Schmootin-Putin is obviously positioning himself to become a bigger self promoter than his shadow ego- ie. Donald "Trump the Chump". 

My suggestion is for Donald Trump to ask Schmootin-Putin to send him a first edition of "the book", because they seem to be a dangerous mutual admiration society, of two.

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