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Thursday, January 28, 2016

FOXNews grovels for Trump participation in Republican debate

Donald Trump has no reason to single out Megyn Kelly as his reason to consider a boycott of the FOXNews, GOP debate  - but she is the focus of his anger. He obviously doesn't want anymore "gotcha" quesitons about how Donald Trump treats women.

This political debate soap opera created a humbling made for TV moment! FOXNews personality Bill O'Reilly even groveled about "milkshakes" in a frunstrating effort to convince Donald Trump (aka "the chump") to change his mind about not participating on the cable FOXNews GOP candidates debate. Of course, "Cruz to loose" is livid because the tanking debate TV ratings, resulting from Trump's withdrawal, will destroy any Cruz strategies to engage Donald.

FOXNews often creates the news. Yet, now they're terrified about having Donald Trump upstage their own "news event"- the GOP "line up" in the cable news televised debate.  

Indeed, Donald Trump is almost like the reincarnation of PT Barnam. He didn't fall for the "born every minute" cliche. Consequently, FOXNews is now on the defensive. Once again, Donald Trump is controlling the news while the FOXNews venture has been shut down. 

Megyn Kelly
Megyn Kelly is one reason Donald Trump says he's boycotting the FOXNews detabe.  Seems like an excuse to me and others. It's really Donald Trump controlling the news.
Rupert Murdoch, the FOXNews owner, obviously thought putting pretty Megyn Kelly up against Donald Trump as moderator of the GOP debate would push ratings through the roof. Therefore, having Megyn Kelly face off with Donald Trump, would force all the other news programs to cover the story. It was a brilliant FOXNews strategy - ie., force your news competitors to report on you

But, so far, it's backfiring because the news coverage threatens to take down the GOP debate. “I don’t like being taken advantage of,” the billionaire businessman and Republican primary front-runner said, repeatedly telling O'Reilly that he'll, instead, hold a veterans event at Drake University, while his GOP rivals debate.

Bill O'Reilly is so arrogant, he even had the audacity to write about the Crucifixition of Jesus Christ, as thought he attended the tragedy on the Via Dolorosa the "Way of Sorrows" in Jerusalem.

But O'Reilly was uncharacteristically groveling with Donald Trump about bartering for "milkshakes", when he came as close to begging the Republican frontrunner to change his mind about his boycott of the GOP debate, scheduled to be broadcasst, of course, on FOXNews. 

This political drama is reducing political discourse to the level of a "survival show" television saga. Rather than discussing policies to frame the future of America, the political commentary is about "tit for tat" ego juggling. Nevertheless, the result of this negative political energy is another marketing strategy by Donald Trump to control every single media news cycle. Unfortunately, it's working. Controlling the GOP debate news isn't costing Donald Trump much money, but it's now going to take a fiscal toll on FOXNews.

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