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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Syrian Refugees - Greeks and Nobel Peace Prize

In my opinion, the world's most worthy candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize are those people who are helping the despearate Syrian refugees. Obvously, it's likely many people in Syrian are trying to help. the refugees. In fact, there's likely somebody in Syria who is the next "Ann Frank" example, some person who is writing a yet to be discovered chronicle about the ethnic tyranny and the evils perpetrated by the tyrant President Assad. 
Photo of Syrian refugees coming ashore on the Greek island of Lesbos ...
Greeks are accepting these desperate Syrian refugees and deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for their humanitarian herosim.
Meanwhile, the Greeks are showing a heroic public humanitarian response to the plight of the Syrian refugees. Although Greece is a nation in economic turmoil, the people, nevertheless, are responding to the despearate needs of the proverbial tsunami tidal wave of Syrian refugees, who are floating on to their soils, in need of humanitarian assistance. In fact, the Greeks are trying to help the refugees.  Americans need to do much more!!!!

Petition calls for Greek islanders to be nominated for Nobel Peace Prize By Tim Hume, CNN

(CNN) Residents of the Greek islands have found themselves on the front lines of Europe's migration crisis. They're rescuing, feeding and sheltering hundreds of thousands of desperate migrants who found their way to their shores.

Now, an online petition has been launched calling for the efforts of these "unsung heroes" on islands in the Aegean Sea to be recognized with a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The petition, on the Avaaz website, is addressed to the Norwegian Nobel Committee and Greece's Immigration Minister Ioannis Mouzalas and had attracted more than 288,000 signatures by Sunday.  

"Ordinary residents of Greek islands and other volunteers have been on the front lines of Europe's refugee crisis for months, opening up their hearts and homes to save hundreds of thousands fleeing war and terror.

"For their compassion and courage, for treating those in danger with humanity, and for setting an example for the rest of the world to follow, we citizens around the world, nominate these brave women and men for a Nobel Peace Prize.

"Nobody is more deserving of such honor than these unsung heroes."

Greece's government would consider backing the Nobel Peace Prize petition.

A Nobel Peace Prize awarded to help those assisting the Syrian refugees would continue to focus on the plight of these despearate people and provide deserved moreal support for their rescuers.

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