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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Trumponian "professional wrestling" match with FOXNews - ouch! "Cruz to loose"

Selecting a US president shouldn't be like watching a "Punch and Judy Show" or a "professional" (haha!) wrestling match.  

Surprise-surprise!  Donald Trump made headlines again. Often, Trumponian headlines are "everyday-all day". He's like the new McDonald's breakfast menu!  It's a hit!  In fact, "Trump-it-y- trump-trump-trump" is all the politics pundits can talk about! In fact, Trump makes news, even when he's not doing something he should, like debate with FOXNews diva Megyn Kelly. Poor Megyn! Trump is picking on her again! She's mad and Trump's equally mad. All this "mad-mad" made for TV politicst makes Senator Ted "Cruz to loose" angry, too, because, without Trump he'll be the candidate who must answer questions on the Republican debate stage. Imagine, "Cruz to loose" having to say something meaningful!  Now, this media "marriage a trois" is becoming like a professional wrestling match. In other words, it's politcs made for entertainment and to garner viewers ratings. 
Republican politics is like watching a "Punch and Judy Show", especially when the skit is a "marriage a trois", played out between Donald "Trump the Chump", with diva Megyn Kelly and Senator "Cruz to loose"
None this posturing and power playing has anything to do with selecting America's next president or building confidence in who is qualified to be a Republican "commander in chief".  It's a joke, except it's really not funny (even when it is).  

Many Republicans are likely to stay home from the polls as a protest vote in November, rather than be asked to vote for a "Punch and Judy Show" candidate like Donald Trump or his bookend "Elmer Gantry" stand in, Senator "Cruz to loose". 

Here's the skit - "Trump the Chump" wants all the attention.  He's like the McDonald's new Breakfast menu.  Of course, Trumponian hair-dos notwithstanding, he can't compete with Megyn Kelly for looks on made for TV political drama.  Therefore, Trump-it-y Trump must "create the news" he wants to read.

Megyn Kelly, on the other hand, was going to take "Trumpy" down for the count when she could launch her "punditry" club on him during a FoxNews television debate, where she'llbe the diva moderator.  (We've seen this opera before....the diva always wins...)

Except, not so, we have the forlorn candidate, Senator "Cruz to loose", who was unexpectedly just launched into "punching range", because the McDonald's breakfast menu decided not to show up for the Diva Debate, and the upstaged "drama diva" has nobody to strangle hold on her debate mat.  

"Punch and Judy" drama can create an entertaining puppet show, but it's not what our nation needs when trying to make an informed decision about electing qualified leadership.  

Perhaps Donald "Trump"( the "McDonald's breakfast menu candidate") can be given a broken clock award for his justifiable anger against Megyn Kelly.  

Indeed, Diva Kelly is out to get Trump. But, so what? Trumpy dealt with her the first time she moderated the debate. He's disdained the women who adore Kelly's "diva-ness", along with denegrating Senator John McCain, stereotyping immigrants, mocking disabled people, throwing protesters into the cold without, gee, what's another "Punch and Judy Show" bout with Megyn Kelly, anyway? 

It's probably true that FOXNews will woe the decision to have Diva Kelly moderate the Trumponian breakfast menu. Meanwhile, "Cruz to loose" is sadly doing his soliloquy on center stage, all alone, ....while nobody cares to listen and FOXNews slowly fades into viewer ratings irrelevance.

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