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Friday, January 22, 2016

Donald Trump is unable to engage the Republican establishment

Clearly, the Republican establishment is fed up with Donald Trump's presidential candidacy. Yet, it's rare to see those who are competing with Trump to take a stand to oppose "Trumponian" bravado. Now, the NationalJournal has picked up the offensive gauntlet to block Donald Trump's nomination.  

Is This the End of Donald Trump?Image result for National Journal logo
So says the conservative NationalJournal
Senator Lindsey Graham said...."...As a party (GOP), we are bet­ter to risk los­ing without Don­ald Trump than try­ing to win with him.”

Although Donald Trump immediately discredits any critical person or media company, the reality of their message seems impossible for him to accept.  Maybe Trump's social networking experts will read this message from Maine Writer:  

"Dear Donald Trump:  The Republican establishment does not support you!"  

Perhaps, it's because many rich Republican political doners gave their cash to candidates who won't even rise to second in the line up of party candidates. Nevertheless, whatever the reason, "Trump the Chump" isn't falling victim to shunning by the GOP establishment.  

Of course, "Trump the Chump's" political appeal is enhanced by his ability to rise above what's perceived as politics as usual. This outsider political appeal creates entertainment interest for the outspoken Trump's campaign, claiming he'll "make America great again!". 

Unfortunately, in spite of the bold but unsubstantiated slogan about "greatness", Trump crossed the political line when he included stupidity and even cruelty to his campaign messaging. Trump lost it when he screamed at rally protesters in Burlington, Vermont and insisted that they were to be thrown into the cold, without their coats. Also, he behaved like "the stupid party" (thank you Governor Jindal, for the quote) when the incoherent former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin endorsed Trump's presidential campaign.

The conservative NationalJournal has now made it completely clear - Conservative Republicans Beware!

Some GOP rivals who are sim­il­arly cam­paign­ing as “out­siders”, fight­ing the party lead­er­ship, would love to pick up Trump’s back­ers — and anti-es­tab­lish­ment, whenev­er Trump leaves the race. And Re­pub­lic­an lead­ers look­ing for­ward to the 2016, gen­er­al elec­tion worry that those who fa­vor Trump may not vote at all 15 months from now or — worse still — vote in­stead, for a third-party Trump run.
This cau­tion was evid­ neither former Arkan­sas Gov. Mike Hucka­bee nor Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, both of whom fash­ion them­selves as out­siders, would cri­ti­cize Trump for his com­ments about Kelly.
Sen. Lind­sey Gra­ham of South Car­o­lina and former Flor­ida Gov. Jeb Bush, neither of whom is likely to pick up Trump sup­port­ers in a GOP primary, were quick to ham­mer Trump.
“I mean, do we want to win? Do we want to in­sult 53 per­cent of all voters? What Don­ald Trump said was wrong. That is not how we win elec­tions,” Bush said dur­ing his Red­State ap­pear­ance. “Mr. Trump ought to apo­lo­gize.”
And Gra­ham said: “As a party, we are bet­ter to risk los­ing without Don­ald Trump than try­ing to win with him.”
As the cliche says, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Donald Trump can't win a national election when the establishment Republicans won't support him. So, in the world of "arithmetic", the black voters won't support Trump, the Hispanic voters will run campaigns to oppose him.....women aren't particularly attraced to Trump, and the Sarah Palin endorsement won't help and now establishment Republicans have firmly said "no Trump, no way".   
Consequently, Donald Trump might be a successful business mogul, but he's proving to be a completely unpopular Republican.  
Dear Donal Trump- listen to Maine Writer and withdraw from the presidential race, because Republicans don't like you. Worse, the establishment apparantly won't vote for you.  Obviously, the Trumponian ego will be closed to this pragmatic "arithmetic" argument. Stil; maybe Republicans need a disasterous election to finally purge their party from right wing extremism. Certainly, if it's really possible for a party cleansing, then Trump might be the right candidate for the job, afterall, in spite of shunning by the Republican establishment.  

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