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Monday, January 25, 2016

Karl Rove negative ads should "Mind Your Own Damn Business" (MYODB)

Surely, we don't need a degree in political rocket science to figure out who Karl Rove want to see running as a Democrat, in 2016.
Republican political operative Karl Rove is creating a negative TV ad campaign against Hillary Clinton. Why? Because he wants to see Senator Sanders as the Democratic candidate! It's obvious the "phantom of Republican politics", Mr. Rove, just can't mind his own business. While Repulican candidates are taking out negative ads, while opposing one another, Mr. Rove is creating ads to stir angst among much better qualified Democrats.  
Karl Rove
Karl Rove leads the propaganda machine called "American Crossroads"
Karl Rove is using his propaganda machine to influence Demoratic primary voters- he needs to "MYODB"
It's like Rove knows the threshhold of support for "none of the above" in the Republican line up must, at least, rise above what Democrats can accumulate in support from voters. 

Rove is a strategist who finds devious ways to leverage the negative, in favor of Republican candidates. In the line up of wanna-bees for 2016, there's nobody among the Republicans who is exempt from being reduced to negative rubble, by each other. Therefore, strategist Rove made the decision to do to Democrats what the Republicans are doing, to denegrate each other.

Of course, it's not fair to single out Secretary Hillary Clinton in the "Mind Your Own Damn Business" Karl Rove negative ad campaign. What Rove really wants to do is to expoentially build enough negative campaign momentum within the Democratic candidates, so that they'll do to one another what Repbulicans are successfully doing to turn on themselves. Rove's strategy is revealed as being deceitful by Hillary Clinton.  Also, the intention of the Rove ads is, ultimately, to benefit Senator Sanders so the Republicans can begin their "Willie Horton" style campaign against him.  Nevertheless, qualified Democratic candidates- Senator Sanders, Secretary Clinton and Governor O'Malley, must resist the pressure to create negative ads against each other. If Democrats start throwing political stones at each other, they'll be doing exactly what Karl Rove is hoping to achieve with his "Mind Your Own Damn Business", negative campaign ads. 

Even worse, if Democrats fall victime to the Rove propaganda machine, they'll be allowing political operatives with American Crossroads (aka "Rove Propaganda) to influence the selection of a Democratic presidential candidate.

Hillary: Karl Rove Behind Attacks  NewsMax reports
Republican operative Karl Rove is behind an attack ad aimed at turning Iowa caucus-goers against her, Democrat Hillary Clinton said Sunday on "Meet the Press." (with Chuck Todd) 

Clinton was asked by moderator Chuck Todd whether big banks paying her more than $200,000 per speech hurt her credibility.

Clinton responded that she gave speeches to a "wide array of groups," after ending her stint at President Barack Obama's secretary of state.

"People were interested in what I saw, what I thought," she said. "Americans doing business in every aspect of the economy want to know more about the world."

"You don’t think they expect anything in return?" Todd asked.

"Absolutely not," Clinton insisted, pointing out that she took on Wall Street during her time as the Senator from New York.

"And it's really interesting to me that now Karl Rove is taking money from the financial interests who run an ad against me to try and influence Democrats not to support me," she said. "Why? Ask yourself why? Because he knows, one, I know what needs to be done, and two, I know how to get it done to make sure Wall Street writ large, not just the big banks but the investment banks, hedge funds, and everybody else, can no longer wreck our economy the way they did in 2008."

The ad to which Clinton referred was made by Rove's super PAC, American Crossroads (aka "Rove Propoganda"). In the add, it accuses Clinton of being able to pay for her massive TV ad buys with money from Wall Street interests. (OMG! This is the ultimate Republican hypocrisy! Operatives like Rove obviously have no ethics, whatsoever.  Senator Cruz took plenty from Goldman Sachs, to name just one....)

A graphic in the ad shows Clinton receiving $6.4 million from Wall Street speaking fees and only $118,000 from Iowans contributing to her campaign.

"Hillary rewarded Wall Street with the $700 billion bailout," the ad's announcer says. "Does Iowa really want Wall Street in the White House?"

Clearly, Karl Rove and his unethical operative band of American Crossroads pirriahas want their "last person standing" our of the GOP line up to be running against Senator Bernie Sanders.  Of course, if it's Senator "Cruz to loose" who eventually winds up standing on the GOP nomination platform this summer, then the Karl Rove "MYODB" can easily be turned around.  "What goes around comes around," "eh"? (As they say in Canada)

To be continued: "The Underhanded 'Rove-Cruz' connection".

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