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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Putin has launched his blackmail campaign to withhold fuel to Europe - a temper tantrum that will eventually backfire

Russia's President Putin is desperately acting like the spoiled child who can't get his own way. Russia is short on cash and Putin is long on ego. So, now Putin is engaged in blackmailing Europe with threats to cut 18 nations natural gas deliveries, unless he gets his way - which means anything he wants. 

Remember when Putin stole a Super Bowl ring? Incredulously, he denies stealing it but everybody in the know let him get away with the theft, plus allowed him to lie about what he did. Robert Kraft was a perfect gentleman about the theft, preferring to not create an international incident, but in hind sight, the world should have seen the bully for who he is and demanded the ring to be returned. As a result of continuing to get his own way, Putin is now pulling the strings with Syria, and Crimea and the Ukraine while the rest of the world just issues one threat after another.

Nevertheless, Putin's Russia is short on cash and the ruble currency is useless outside of the country. So, maybe that Super Bowl ring Putin didn't steal will show up on an ebay auction, by an anonymous seller.  

It's difficult to say if Europe and the Ukraine can withstand Putin's dangerous temper tantrums and blackmail tactics. Eventually, Putin will have to sell his natural gas to somebody- like China. Yet, if those 18 European nations that received his blackmail letter would hold together, they're bound to create an economic crises in Russia when unsold gas is sitting around with no revenue forthcoming.

Meanwhile, Europe and the Ukraine are seeking alternative energy sources as their national defenses against any one nation holding hostage all fuel supplies. For example, atomic energy is abundantly evident throughout France and Germany.

Obviously, Putin is desperate for money or he wouldn't be using blackmail to get his way. 

Yet, just like a child who holds its breath in a temper tantrum, the way to break the habit is to let nature take its course and the breathing will naturally resume. Although Putin's tantrum is an extremely dangerous bully tactic, unfortunately, there's no other way to cure him but to let his money run out and he'll be forced to sell his Super Bowl ring to buy food.  

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