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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

President Putin is a 21st Century Napoleon or worse

Russia's president Putin has now claimed the election in the Crimea validates a take over of this territory of the Ukraine. Crimea is occupied by Russian military and defense personnel who obviously want to be connected to their homeland, rather than be non-citizens in the Ukraine.  

An election where the Russian military votes Putin's way is hardly convincing. Also, we have not seen data about how many people didn't vote.

It's hardly a surprise to see the Russians, who are living in the Crimea, voting to return their property and homes to the motherland.

What's dangerous is how Russia is also expanding its influence into Syria by supporting the murderer President Assad and now claims Crimea, as well. These two ambitious moves are reminiscent of how Adolf Hitler claimed Austria and Poland, before World War II was declared. 

Vladimir Putin is even having some Russian military disguise themselves as Ukrainians, so they can infiltrate the Ukranian defenses. This is how Hitler invaded Poland.

What's even more ominous are the visuals. 

Video shows rapturous Russians who appear ecstatic when Putin speaks about re-claiming Crimea. People are being shown with glowing smiles, waving flags and appearing euphoric.
Sound familiar? 

It seems to  me, President Putin is a 21st century Napoleon or worse. Obviously, the ambitious Napoleon conquered a lot of real estate before he was finally defeated.  By the way, Napoleon Bonaparte was only 5 feet 6 inches tall. I suspect Vladimir Putin isn't much taller.  

Likewise, Adolf Hitler also claimed a lot of real estate before 1945, when Germany was defeated. 

Putin is obviously not to be trusted. Napoleon crowned himself king of France. Putin is following the egotistical legacy of Napoleon. He's also creating a Hitler persona by creating a weird euphoria among his fanatical followers.

Russia's economy is floundering, the ruble is useless and Putin needs a war to create confidence in his leadership.  

Tragically, the role models Putin appears to be emulating, to validate his authority, are two of history's most ambitious tyrants.  

Both Napoleon and Hitler were defeated, but not before millions of people were killed and enormous amounts of property was destroyed. 

Our world must stop Putin before he takes on any more ambitious power moves. Our world and the people in it can't survive a 21st century Napoleon or worse.

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