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Monday, March 17, 2014

Malaysia Air 370 - a brutally evil face on terrorism: urgent world response required

Time Magazine is now reporting on the worst case scenario about the disappearance of Malaysian flight 370 and its nefarious whereabouts. It's believed the airplane may have ended up in a terrorist location hidden in Kazakhstan.

Although this development was always the outlier logic, it was, nevertheless, included in the spectrum of possibilities, after it was definitely determined the flight was deliberately hijacked.

"Out of the box", my opinion about the disappearance was an accusation of Iran being at the root. I stand by my opinion, modified to consider a collaboration of terrorists from multiple countries because, the fact is, somebody acted as a pilot for the airplane. I don't buy the airplane's pilots being responsible. Although I'm not a psychic, my prediction is that pirates with expertise in aviation were already on the airplane when it took off and then subdued the entire aircraft. This possibility include Iranians who had airline navigation experience. 

Time reports: (KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia) — Malaysia says searches have begun in both the northern and southern corridors of a vast swath of Asia where the missing Malaysia Airlines jet is believed to have ended up.

Malaysian Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein says that Kazakhstan joined the search Monday in the farthest northwest section of the search area. Earlier Monday, Australia said was taking the lead in searching over the southern Indian Ocean.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 with 239 people aboard went missing March 8 en route to Beijing. Investigators say it was deliberately diverted.

Malaysian authorities say satellite data shows the plane sent a signal about 7 ½ hours after takeoff — shortly before it would have run out of fuel — from somewhere on a huge arc stretching from Kazakhstan to the southern Indian Ocean.

This aviation mystery raises the bar on the world, where people have been unable to coordinate a response to terrorism. It's time to win the war on terrorism, before we're all, ultimately, innocent victims of evil, perpetrated by those who want to claim control of the world. An urgent response is vital!



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