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Monday, October 21, 2013

Preventable Death Litany Grows

Two Multiple Homicides:

Preventable Death Incidents of the Day:

Nevada shooting: teacher and shooter dead. Another preventable gun violence incident in an American school.

By Erin McClam and Daniel Arkin, NBC News

A student opened fire at a Nevada middle school Monday, killing a teacher and wounding two boys, authorities said. The shooter was left dead.

At 7:16 a.m., just before school got underway, the unidentified suspect used a semiautomatic handgun to shoot and kill a math teacher and wound two other students, both 12, before taking his own life, authorities said at a Monday afternoon news conference. Police arrived at the scene in less than three minutes, the authorities said.

The two boys, who were originally transferred to a local hospital in critical condition, are now in stable condition with non-life-threatening injuries, Sparks deputy police chief Tom Miller said at the news conference.
Two Shot Dead at Senior Housing Complex Following Lover's Argument.

All those involved were residents of the 80-apartment Pablo Davis Elder Living Center in southwest Detroit.

Reda shot the first woman, who was aged in her 50s, while she sat on a bench outside the complex, police spokeswoman Kelly Miner told the Associated Press. Reda allegedly then went back inside and shot the second woman, who was aged in her 60s.

The first woman was pronounced dead at the hospital, the second died at the scene, police said.

“He came outside with an assault rifle and told me to get on my hands and knees and pray,” one resident told WDIV at the scene.

Americans become passionately wistful when reading name lists of those who were killed in wars.  No doubt, these same decent Americans, who abhor reading the names of fallen war dead, will disdain reading the daily list of people who are the victims of our nation's growing epidemic of gun violence.

The time is overdue when our nation's newspapers should be covering the names of people murdered by gun violence in America.

A map should alsobe included in each report showing the demographics describing where these deaths are occuring.

The purpose of these death reports are to raise awareness among those who are intimidated by National Rifle Associaiton (NRA) zealots who are obsessed about their gun rights.

Constitutional Second Amendment Rights to own guns should not be more important than human rights. Americans need to know how Second Amendment Rights are now more important than protecting human life.

Adding to this problem are zealous Right to Life groups that interfere with women's health care to protect human life. Nevertheless, these groups do virtually nothing to protect the lives preventably taken, prematurely, through gun violence.

All the more reason why Americans should be exposed to read daily lists of the names of people who increase the litany of those who are the victim of preventable death by gun violence.  

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