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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Senator Ted Cruz Should Pay Damages

It makes no sense to give Senator Ted Cruz any regnition, at all, post this preventable government fiscal crises. 

Senator Ted Cruz is unworthy of any mentions except to reference him with disdain. As a matter of fact, since Senator Cruz was the instigator of this terribly preventable crises, he should bear the brunt of the costs. Like a person who's responsible for preventable damages in a lawsuit, Senator Cruz should pay for the damages he created.

Senator Cruz has endured justifiable scorn from Republican colleagues and even a recall of his newspaper endorsement by the Houston Chronicle. Nevertheless, he continues to experience undue exposure because he pulled off a near coup in a seditious action to stop the American government, just because he could.  

Like an ill person who engages in delusional thinking as a result of cerebral dissociation disorders, his egotistical vision was coupled with an apparent Messianic complex. He was willing to become a sacrificial lamb to prove his cause, regardless of how his fools errand would harm others.  It didn't matter if he failed on his fool's error to eliminate health care reform called Obamacare.

 Senator Cruz obviously didn't consider the people he would harm in his seditious behavior.  He had a vision for causing trouble, regardless of the consequences to average people.

My experience with people who behave pompously is to look for a physiologic etiology, ie a "cause".  

In other words, Senator Cruz's behavior is not normal and he should have a mental evaluation, including drug testing, to determine if he is competent to be a United States Senator.  Meanwhile, he should be held accountable for the damages for his irresponsible behavior.

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