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Friday, October 18, 2013

Drug and Alcohol Testing the Congress

Americans deserve an explanation about how a minority within a minority political party could create such avoidable economic chaos. 

Republicans caused this chaos and, therefore, need to explain how it is they believed their minority could create such seditious tension.

Now Republicans are desperately trying to fix the damage they've done.

But they're in a defensive mode about how Republicans drove the crises they created. We hear the mantra repeated, "Both sides lost"....ahhh, I don't think so. 

It's a common diagnostic truism that a cure for disease begins with an understanding of the illness. In the case of Republican seditious obstructionism, there's certainly lots of explaining to do before people can understand how to fix the problem.  As Lucy Arnez knows, Republicans have lots of "splainin" to do.

In other words, political leaders who don't respond to normally accepted social cues like "majority rule", should have a competency cognitive exam. This includes blood and urine testing for drug and alcohol abuse.

There's precedent for this. Indeed, Medicaid beneficiaries are often threatened with drug and alcohol tests prior to being authorize to receive benefits. 

In fact, Medicaid beneficiaries are paid with US tax dollars.
They share this source of revenue in common with the US Congress  Both Medicaid beneficiaries and the US Congress are paid by US taxpayers. Therefore, Congress should be subject to the same requirements prior to receiving tax payer paid benefits.

Cognitive impairment is a commonly reported symptom of drug and alcohol addiction.  Is there any...any...other explanation for the extremist and fanciful thinking of minority egotistical politicians like Senator Ted Cruz (the Elmer Gantry of the Senate), House Speaker John Boehner and their lock step followers other than a physiological induced narcissism? 

Since Cruz and Boehner are paid with taxpayer money, they should be subject to drug and alcohol testing to assure their bosses, ie "Americans" that they're free of drug and alcohol induced cognitive impairment. 

Meanwhile, if these men, who are experiencing diminished public approval, have any self respect or reverence for democracy, they must move forward with preventing any further obstructionism while they're a minority party.

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