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Sunday, October 06, 2013

Republicans Wasting Taxpayer Money Shutting Down Government

Rep. Peter King: GOP Shutdown Strategy 'Doomed to Failure'

Add wasteful government spending to the litany of issues causing Republicans confusion.  Add wasteful spending to Republican confusion about:

  1. Biblical creationism, 
  2. Dinosaurs, the sorry GOP has a hard time understanding how these beasts walked our planet earth, in spite of millions of carcasses retrieved, 
  3. Pregnancy causation and correlation between conception and rape,
  4. Science behind meteorological global warming 
  5. Arithmetic behind democracy, or learning how the most votes wins elections or ballot measures (this really seems to cause Republican great confusion)
  6. Civics, understanding how the US government can't be controlled by a minority of one legislative House within one branch of American government.  
This growing list now includes a complete misunderstanding by the GOP about what constitutes wasteful government spending.  

Congress wasted time voting 42 useless times to repeal the health care reform law aka "Obamacare", while millions of people signed up for the plan starting on October 1st.  Uninsured Americans want to receive affordable health care coverage. Republicans don't seem to want these Americans to have the coverage. It seems like Republicans are confused about how to avoid having government pay for health care for uninsured.  They don't understand how giving people access to their own health insurance will reduce dependence on government entitlement programs like Medicaid. During these completely bogus recall efforts, the Speaker of the House John Boehner knew about the urgency of the budget and debt limit deadlines looming in October 2013, but led the defeated repeal efforts, in spite of calling on his caucus to resolve the essential big picture emergency issues. Nevertheless, Republicans are very confused about Obamacare. By and large, Americans are willing to give Obamacare a chance to work. Americans I speak with can't understand how one house in one branch of government can shut down government, because some members of a particular legislative body don't like the law.

It's wasteful for Republicans to keep the government in shutdown when the reality is they voted to pay all government workers for the furloughed time when they return to their jobs.  How wasteful is that?  We're essentially paying government workers to stay home.

Meanwhile, New York's Republican Congressman Peter King says the effort to shut down government for the purpose of repealing Obamacare was doomed from the outset.  The budget strategy led by Republican Sen. Ted Cruz to defund Obamacare was destined for failure, and the events that unfolded in Congress last week prove it, New York Rep. Peter King said on "Fox News Sunday."
"If we wanted to defund something, we should repeal it," King said. "This was a strategy doomed to failure, and Ted Cruz has now walked away from it. We are the ones who shut this government down."

Congressman King does not speak in a vacuum.  His comment is obviously reflective of a number of his Republican colleagues.

Apparently, Congressman King is not as confused as others in his Republican caucus about the root cause of the Republican shutdown of government.

Regardless of who is ultimately held responsible for the government shutdown, the fact is, this political horror act by a minority of members of one branch of government is wasteful.  

There's no way Republicans can claim to be the political party of fiscal conservatism while the shutdown is costing taxpayer's so much in lost opportunity and unproductive paid time to furloughed employees.  

Republicans must be removed from political power. Their politics are obviously confused about how to run government. They don't get how "We the People" want them gone.

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