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Saturday, October 05, 2013

Hearing from People on the Street - Shutting Down Government Because of One Law is Very Unpopular

Republicans continue to listen to one another about continuing the government shutdown but are deaf to those who strongly disagree with their minority point of view. Hypocritical Republicans are quick to use public opinion polls when the data works to their advantage, but they're acting irresponsibly when their right wing points of view are in conflict with the polls.  

Listen up, Republicans, it's time to acknowledge the polls opposing the shutdown. Only Congressional Republicans are obstructing progress to lift the shutdown and, while they're at it, it would be a good idea to life the stupid budget sequester as well.

Americans I'm hearing from are angry at Congressional Republicans for not giving Obamacare a chance. Too slowly, the word is getting out that Obamacare is a law and it's not worth shutting down government to prevent its implementation.

Eventually, Republicans will have to accept the health care reform law called Obamacare and admit accountability for a preventable government shut down trying to prevent its implementation. 

House Speaker Boehner knows he simply can't be the fall guy for the next level of obstruction because, otherwise, our nation will collapse under his incompetent leadership. Therefore, CNN's John King reports he's sending an early signal that, ladies and gentlemen of the Republican caucus, 'we are not going to be part of defaulting.' Boehner's obituary is already going to read he was the leader of a bizarre three-ring circus on Capitol Hill, wasting tax payer money on 42 waste of time House votes to repeal the health care reform law and leading other obstructionist job killing antics. He doesn't want to say he was the speaker when the government for the first time defaulted.

US taxpayers are funding the salaries of every person who is holding the government hostage with their extremist entrenchment against Obamacare. Worse, the staff people in every Congressional office and supporting constituent services are also on furlough.

These employees of the Congress are experiencing low morale as a result of the shutdown. It's no coincidence that Congress voted retroactive pay for all government workers when this mess is cleaned up, because a good number of furloughed employees are among their own staff personnel.

Congress is acting irresponsibly by ignoring the public's overwhelming opposition to the government shutdown. It makes no sense, but Republicans have shown, in the past, how they're not too impressed with how arithmetic works. Obstructionist Republicans believe math, only when it works in their favor. 

This ignorance of arithmetic must show up in the 2014 election. Americans finally realize how Republicans are controlling our democratic government with their right wing extremism. 

When Republicans break the law, trying to prevent the implementation of the Constitutionally upheld Obamacare, they're acting out against one law to hold the entire government hostage. Television ads are already showing up to portray Republicans as spoiled children trying to get their own way. It's hard to imagine how these ads will play out in a cacophony of anti-extremism noise in the 2014 and 2016 elections.  

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