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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Republican Government Shutdown is a Nightmare - What Would President Romney Do?

It's obvious Republicans in Congress don't believe in Democracy because, otherwise, they would figure out, with basic arithmetic, how their party lost the 2012 Presidential election. 

In other words, there won't be a President Mitt Romney because he and the Republican Party lost the presidential election.  

One reason the Republicans lost is because Mr. Romney said the first thing he'd do would be to repeal the health care reform law called "Obamacare". 

It was one of Gov. Mitt Romney's favorite pledges on the campaign trail: "If elected, I will repeal Obamacare on day one."  However, even as Romney ranted on this theme, a range of analyses by political and healthcare think tanks suggested it would be difficult for Romney to erase the landmark Affordable Care Act.

Nevertheless, Tea Party Republicans don't pay attention to much of anything the experts say. Right wing zealots are so narcissistic they just love to listen to themselves. Now, they're frenzied in an obsessive-compulsive disorder about repealing Obamacare, regardless of whether or not they can really do it, or not.

Tea Party zealots are in a psychotic denial about their candidate Governor Romney losing the election to President Obama, whose signature legislation, of course, is Obamacare.

These Tea Party zealots are a minority of dangerously misguided miscreants who hold fast to their entrenched hostage taking approach to governing, because they don't like Obamacare.  

They're allowed to do this. In our Democracy, where protests are allowed, Tea Party zealots are determined to abuse their right to free speech, causing harm to the entire nation because of their terrorizing tactics. In their demented thinking, it's fine to abuse the right to free speech, even if a majority of the nation voted against conservative Romney. Their arithmetic is screwed up, because Tea Party zealots act like they've contracted a Napolean syndrome, whereby their minority position takes on visions of grandeur. 

Maybe, if Romney had received the most votes and won the 2012 Presidential election, our nation would conceivably be controlled by these zealots and, thereby, this current shutdown would be a non-issue. They would probably have selectively shut down government and repealed Obamacare immediately. No democratic government would have prevented them from a takeover of government, on day one, of a Romney administration.

It's likely a Romney presidency would have jump started a national shut down by simply closing the government, piece by piece, including repeal of Obamacare. In the current preventable shutdown, we see Romney's goals, including the repeal, being driven by a minority, who are doing what their candidate was unable to do in the Executive branch of government. 

It's absolutely frightening to consider how Romney would have governed. Imagine if Democrats in the Senate tried to obstruct a Romney agenda with a simply majority vote?  There's no way Republicans would have tolerated this behavior. 

It is obvious the Republicans are driving this government shutdown because they are miffed about the outcome of the 2012 election whereby President Obama won and Obamacare moved forward.
These same right wing Republicans would never tolerate similar bully behavior if Romney were president.

Tea Party zealots clearly use our Democracy to their advantage but they don't believe in it unless it serves their selfish ends.

A Tea Party run government would be like living under tyranny.
Therefore, the majority of people in our Democracy can't allow this take over of government to succeed, regardless of the consequences.

In a democracy, a majority sets the agenda. Tea Party zealots are the enemy within us and they must be removed from office for practicing sedition. 

Moreover, these zealots must never be voted into power because, frankly, their bully tactics are tyrannical and their approach to politics is to create fear rather than trust in government.

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