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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Republicans are to Blame for the Preventable Government Shutdown

It seems like the Tea Party obstructionists aren't working for "We the People", anymore. Instead, they're boasting for "them the Tea Party" and to hell with everybody  else.

There's absolutely no reason, whatsoever, for the American government in shutdown today, Tuesday Oct. 2nd. 

Americans are in this horrific political situation because the Tea Party is controlling the House of Representatives, and they're just plain crazy zealots.

Republican Tea Party right wingers, who are in the minority of one house, in one third of the federal government, (they're really the radical Ku Klux Klan sans hoods) are holding the government hostage by preventing a continuing budget resolution, just because they don't like a health care reform law called Obamacare. 

Meanwhile, the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare began beneficiary enrollment on October 1st, the day the Tea Party minority voted to shut down government. 

This shut down is irresponsible and should be illegal.

If the Tea Party radicals were law abiding Americans, they'd move beyond their entrenched obsession with Obamacare. Instead, they'd tackle big picture issues. Tea Party congressional zealots should focus, instead, on what they're paid to do, like oversee the national defense, fairness in revenue sharing and upholding the United States Constitution for "We the people....".  

It's totally irrational, in a Democracy, for a Tea Party minority to re-write "We the People", for "them the Tea Party". 

It seems like the Tea Party thinks the US Constitution is a convenient document to use whenever Second Amendment Rights to own guns are at risk for being modified, to protect Americans dying by gun violence at a faster rate than by many diseases.  

Oh no. Americans can't touch Second Amendment rights. 

Nevertheless, Tea Party obsessives seem to think the right of Americans to be protected by lots of other laws seems irrelevant. They're crazy. In fact, Obamacare might even help these mentally ill zealots to pay for medication, to help alleviate their obsessive symptoms.

Let's be crystal clear about why our government is in a damaging shut down. It's because obsessive compulsive Republican Tea Party zealots are too selfish to obey the Obamacare law.

These crazy Tea Party people can plead innocent by reason of insanity to disobeying the implementation of the Obamacare law. 

But, maybe, they can simply accept "Obamacare" as the Constitutional law passed by "We the People", just in case medication does' t heal their obsession.

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