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Monday, December 03, 2012

Time Clock for US Congress

It is evident the US Congressional House Republicans want to put the cost of running the government squarely on the middle class who largely voted to re-elect President Obama.

Therefore, my solution is this:  If the US Congress wants to put the cost of running government on the middle class then they should try living like us.  Let's give Congressional House and Senate members a time clock to punch, just like middle class workers, to document their time worked before they're paid.  

A time clock Congress (twitter #timeclock) will not only cut the government's costs by reducing their salaries, but it will also be a reality check on the policy makers who somehow don't "get" that their obstructionism, against raising tax rates on the rich, are hurting the middle class.

Let's call for a time clock Congress!  #timeclock

We are the tax payers, we are the bosss.  Let's create "at will" Congressional employees of those whose salaries we pay.

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