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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Five Republican Senate Votes Because "Why?"- And Disabled Veterans Witnessed a Snub

Disabled Veterans Senator Robert Dole and Senator John McCain- Unable to Sway Five of of their Republican Colleagues!

Three political leaders: Senator John Kerry, a former Democratic Presidential Candidate, Senator John McCain is a Republican former Presidential Candidate, likewise Senator John Dole. All three men have one common story - they are war heroes. John Kerry and John McCain are decorated Viet Nam War Veterans while Senator Dole is a disabled World War II survivor. All three championed a Senate bill today.  If it had passed, the bill would have improved the human condition of all people who are disabled.  It's unthinkable, but the three men watched, emotional, while their bill failed to obtain 66 votes, held up by five Republicans who would not budge in spite of their colleagues watching their vote on the Senate floor.
WASHINGTON — Former Republican Sen. Bob Dole of Kansas appeared the Senate floor in a wheelchair today, to make a last minute appeal for senators to ratify the Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities, but his appearance did not sway enough Republicans to support the treaty.

Joint efforts led by Senator John Kerry and Senator John McCain, failed by a vote of 61-38, falling short of the super majority needed for passage.

The U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities would declare that all citizens, regardless of ability, deserve to live in dignity, safety and equality under the law. If it had been voted through, the United States would have been added as a party to the convention.  This sad Senate vote was negated by just five Senators who were motivated by a conspiracy concept that the United Nations would be given undue credibility if the disabilities bill passed.   Do these five "nay" Senators think Senator Robert Dole enjoyed watching his own Republican colleagues vote against a bill he supports?  It was painful to watch the World War II veteran hero and former GOP presidential candidate, while the bill was defeated.

What kind of people are these five obstinate Senators? Obviously, they put political interest before their own compassion for improving the human condition.  Politics run sadly amok!  

Politicians who relentlessly put politics before their responsibilities to improve the plights of human beings are no better than puppets. They might as well be evil marionettes engaged in an attention getting Punch and Judy show. Except, today wasn't a rehearsal, it was real. Disabled people left the US Capitol Building in tears.

Disabled people everywhere were failed by the US Senate. Those attending the vote were visibly distressed, while the five "nay" Senators must now deal with their own distorted human values in the wake of their negative votes.

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