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Friday, October 05, 2012

Will Work For Food- Big Bird "Bained"

"Only a Big Turd Would Attack Big Bird"- Joe in Bangor, ME

Attacking Big Bird is not a smart political move, especially a month before an election....especially coming from Romney, someone trying to improve his "Likability" ratings. This failed strategy also plays into the "GOP is against education", an argument supported by Democrats, who justly criticize big cuts in educational programs.  Republicans talk the talk, but surely don't "walk the walk" about public education. Yet, Republicans complain that America's schools are getting failing grades.  Look to cuts in school funding, before pointing fingers about the quality of education!

Sesame Street and Big Bird are good models for pre-school education and they're middle class TV staples.  Sesame Street creates good moral values in children.  In fact, Romney should watch it more often.

As a matter of fact, a blog reader named Joe in Bangor Maine writes:  "Only a Big Turd Would Attack Big Bird".

This is my opinion - During the Presidential debate, President Obama knew, full well, that he'd be lured into a "zinger" trap, the magnitude of which would, likely, live in infamy.  After all, with the Romney litany of campaign mis-steps, they're desperate for a "game changer".  That's why President Obama, in my opinion, appeared to be passive throughout the debate.  He didn't want to be the equivalent of "media crucified" in the morning news leads.

This isn't an excuse blog. President Obama clearly missed opportunities in the debate to point out serious lies Romney got away with, especially regarding (a) health care reform (b) Medicare (c) overseas tax havens for corporation and (d) the methodology Romney proposes for recovering an estimated $5 Trillion deficit (this astronomical fiscal number grows, like mold, with each news cycle).  But the Romney lies are documented and out there:

Huffington Post:
Three from Los Angeles Times:
Romney repeats erroneous claims
Romney overstates jobs numbers, skews information
Fact checks - Romney tax plan challenged by non-partisan group

Romney was hoping to lure President Obama into a "zinger mine field", but it didn't happen.

Attacking Big-Bird sure didn't help Romney's un-likability or improve his "Likeability".  In a hypothetical Romney administration, Big Bird will be "Bained" - out of a job.  American voters might prefer Big Bird for the 2012 Zinger campaign slogan.   Can't wait to see what Jon Stewart and Saturday Night Live have to say about this new, and pathetic, political imagery.  

Sincerely, I think the central image of the entire campaign was captured by Romney, when he inappropriately attacked Big Bird.  This election really is about Big Bain Style Capitalism versus "The Big Bird Icon of the Middle Class".

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