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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Truthfulness: President Obama Won the Debate by Telling Americans the Truth

Pundits were chanting in orchestrated harmony post the first 2012 Presidential Debate. They defined the outcome something like this: Romney's boisterous style won the night (although he lied his way through it) while Obama wasn't focused (even though, he thankfully, didn't walk into any zinger traps).

This is my take: Americans can't have a president who continues to flip-flop and lie. That's what Romney has done throughout his political career. Lying is what he did during the first presidential debate. His strategy was clearly to put President Obama into a situation where he could throw out a zinger for the ages, the kind we see replayed every time there's a systematic review of Presidential Debates.Well, Romney didn't get his way. President Obama remained cool, did not make any mistakes. It was a good strategy for the President because now the news will not (or should not) be about who was more aggressive in the debates but, rather, who told the truth.
Of course, the top of mind in the morning news shows will be heralding Romney's theatrical performance. 
Here's the facts:

1. President Obama can't come across as an angry black man; it's not who he is. He was soft spoken and professional.

2. Romney was a bully and rudely trampled all over the moderator Jim Lehrer:

Moreover, no one (disappointingly, this includes President Obama) called Romney on his lies. Moderator Jim Lehrer was run over, time and again, trying to keep Romney on message.
So the lies are out there, just like Romney intended them to be:

Lie number 1. Romney told the American people he would turn Medicare into a Voucher plan. This would be a cash cow for insurance companies that would take the voucher money and not pay the beneficiaries' bills. It's a lie to assume a voucher system will bring down the cost of health care. To the contrary, a voucher system will put insurance companies in charge of care, take the money and not pay the bills.
Lie number 2: Romney told the American people the President's health care reform cuts Medicare. It's a lie - rather, health care reform includes provisions for wellness care that senior citizens were unable to receive before the reforms. Obamacare strengthens Medicare!

Lie number 3: Romney says he'll be sure to keep the insurance provision to cover people with pre-existing conditions, while repealing Obamacare. But, this is an actuarial impossibility. Everyone must be enrolled so as to cover the cost of paying for pre-existing conditions. Romney lied.
Lie number 4: Romney said he will expand the US Military - this is a huge tax problem, because there's no way Americans can support a larger military without increasing taxes - Romney lied.
Lie number 5: Romney was a one term governor of Massachusetts for a reason - the people fired him. He was a terrible governor- he lied about his record and, so as not to leave a record of his failed administration, all the computer hard drives his staff used were purged.
Lie number 6: Romney said he would let states like Massachusetts choose to implement healthcare reform.Yet, states have said, time and again, they can't implement healthcare reform unless there's a mandate for everyone to buy insurance. States have also said they're unable to implement healthcare reform without federal assistance. Massachusetts implemented Romneycare with a mandate! One of the most confusing aspects of health care reform is how the insurance companies make profits - there must be a profit incentive for the plans to work. In other words, any health care reform initiative must include a mandate for people to own their own insurance. Otherwise, providers shift the cost of uncompensated care to those who pay their bills while the insurance companies only pay discounted rates, while keeping profits on the premiums. Obamacare reforms address all of these issues by insisting insurance companies pay a high percentage of premiums on beneficiary care! If the percentage isn't realized, the beneficiary gets a rebate from the insurer.
Lie number 7: Romney talks about small businesses building jobs, but the jobs he's created went to China and developing countries, while the profits he made at Bain Capital are invested in offshore accounts.

Right wing zealots and extremists are dancing like demons at a luau because their Romney candidate pushed and bullied, just like they wanted him to do.  

This behavior is frightening to reasonable people who believe in civil discourse.  

So, the bottom line is this - Romney's debate theatrics were just that - political acrobatics intended to send glee into the hearts of his wealthy contributors.

Americans cannot elect a liar and bully to be President.

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