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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Twitter Trolls like Dennis Williams

Right Wing Radicals found a field of manure to fuel their extremist views, on the micro-blogging site, Twitter.  It's their outlet for the cross burning they wouldn't dare admit to in public.

Honestly?  I'd have bet the proverbial "Romney $10,000" (do Mormons bet?) on Twitter being an arid desert for weirdos and stalkers, because, after all, how much trouble can a person create using just 140 characters?  Well, it's amazing, but right wing trolls, lurking in cyberspace, mastered the lingo and the technique of developing a social networking execution, whereby, anyone with a liberal slant gets taken to the electronic equivalent of the stockades, on Twitter.  Soon, these Mafia social networkers might succeed in destroying Twitter-dom for everyone who disagrees with them.  

Lately, I've been called a lonely lady who's a communist, just because I happen to live in New England, only because I responded to the MSNBC "Morning Joe" with a liberal tweet.  A right winger named Dennis Williams @willidok, didn't like what I posted so "off with my electronic head!". I'm obviously communist, lonely and wear a scarlet letter "M" because my address happens to be Maine, in New England.  In reality, I'm far from lonely, happily married, grew up in Maryland, where I lived in the Baltimore suburb  Dundalk, the only town/city in the Democratic Blue State where John McCain won in 2008!

Although I'm not the least bit intimidated or fearful of these Nazi style micro-bloggers, the fact is, they likely strike horror in the people who know them. They intend on acting like the electronic equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan just because they dislike our American President Barack Obama.  Otherwise, in the absence of any destructive public policy initiative they can point to (they don't even know what "public policy" is) there's no substance to these right wing trolls, as they glee in socially striking down everyone who disagrees with them.  I sincerely wish there were a way to post burning crosses on their bio-pages.

Of course, the only way to prevent these heinous individuals from multiplying their network of evil doers is to keep the positive messages going - like the Devil himself, these twittizens live in a hades of their own design.  Any semblance of enlightenment drives them into a state of fury.  Which is exactly why I welcome their execution style Twitter slander, because, it's positively delightful to imagine them recoiling in rage.  Thank you @willidoc- what a guy!

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