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Monday, October 01, 2012

Paying for War - Senator John McCain Should Explain

Among all American statesmen and military heroes, there's no question that Senator John McCain stands out among the most patriotic of all.  He's a good, honest man and a level headed politician.  Lately, he's been using his clout to expose the myriad of crises the American military are confronted with in the Middle East, Syria and in Afghanistan.  He speaks out on one talk show after another, telling us how bad everything is and how the American government should do more to protect, and defend Afghanistan and Syria, and so on. 

He's right, of course, if we can afford his advice.

But Senator McCain doesn't tell us how to pay for expensive options to change the outcomes in any of the problems he discusses.  

Moreover, what good does it do for us to pour lots of money into the corrupt nation of Afghanistan, when all we seem to accomplish is protecting their President Hamid Karzai from an assassination?

Karzai's high level protection is a dicey effort, because, if Afghan rebels (Taliban) can infiltrate a Coalition military base where they attacked soldiers and blew up airplanes, then, it's just a matter of time when they'll get through the sanctuary where President Karzai is cloistered.  

Although McCain's perspective on foreign policy is undoubtedly well intentioned, he can't explain how the US government can pay for continued involvement in all the world's hot spots.  

Americans simply can't afford what it costs in human and fiscal capital to (a) pay for foreign nation building, and (b) fight the war in Afghanistan, and (c) intercede in Syria's horrible civil strife, and (d) fix the new government in Libya, and (e) prop up Iraq, and (f) support Israel by keeping Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb and (g) shore up our defenses against potential exacerbation of conflicts in the Far East - not to mention (h) what's going on with drug lords in Mexico.   It's impossible for America to do all of the above.  Furthermore, it makes no sense to pick and choose a crises to be involved with, because they're all worthy of intervention.  

Obviously, we're at a place in time when nations of the world must value peace over war and settle disputes without foreign intervention.

Senator John McCain is a noble humanitarian by calling attention to the heinous Syrian war crimes, like the torture of women and children, but he offers no fiscal way of solving the problems or paying for interventions.

If the good Senator McCain sincerely believes Americans can change the outcome in Syria, and win the war in Afghanistan, then I suggest he ask every person in Congress and Senator to send their adult aged children to join Prince Harry of Wales, to fight in these military endeavors.

By the way, Senator McCain surely hasn't forgotten that the war in Afghanistan was won, once, before it was lost, because, President George Bush II shifted resources for his invasion of Iraq. 

My appreciation extends to Senator John McCain for continuing to raise our humanitarian awareness about the horrors confronted by the innocent people of the world, due to the cruelty of war.  

Surely, if Americans are faced with a reasonable option to improve these myriad of crises, we would certainly be willing to do so.  Nonetheless, this blog is a pleas for Senator McCain to present Americans with solutions, including the access to money and human involvement, along with the problems he passionately wants us to help solve.

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