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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Voting Republican

Maine Sunday Telegram poll raises the question about who votes for Republicans? It's not the rich, at least, not in Maine.

Poor and middle class voters include Republicans. I don't get it.  Maybe, it's because Republicans often write good bumper stickers? 

Americans who mistakenly believe Republican economic and social policies are somehow good for our nation, please watch this very entertaining video now playing on YouTube - no commercials...just the video:

Maine seems to be an anomoly when it comes to who votes Republican. Those at the bottom third of the socio-economic ladder are more likely to vote Republican than the upper tiers. 

"Critical Insights poll found that President Obama has expanded his lead in Maine as he has elsewhere, but that the state is going against the national grain when it comes to class politics. Obama's lead here is strongest among higher-income voters, while Republican Mitt Romney receives strong support from lower-income voters."

While Republicans push for economic policies to benefit the one percent of wealth in America, those who vote for these moguls are often people at the opposite end of the economic spectrum.  

Makes no sense.  

Supporting Romney must mean a person believes in the labeling of 47 percent of Americans as "victims" for accepting earned income from government, like Veterans benefits, Social Security, student loan interest rates, mortgage tax deductions and Medicare?

Why do the people most negatively impacted by Republican austerity policies vote for the candidates who don't represent their best interest? 

Look at where Republicans stand on issues impacting the poor and middle class:

1. Inequitable tax policies: Republicans won't raise taxes on the rich but expects the middle class to pay for the cost of government.
"...Romney has admitted that his tax cuts, if they’re not going to add to the deficit, will have to increase taxes on people he defines as middle income and cut them on people he defines as high income."

2.  Cronyism: Republicans want to continue pouring money into the Defense Department while not supporting job creating programs to improve our Nation Building at Home. Republican mogul supporters will award lucrative defense contracts to their rich friends, rather than put tax money into building roads, bridges, high speed rail and public works projects to improve the quality, and safety of middle class life and work.

3.  Dismissive of the poor:  
“I’m in this race because I care about Americans,” Romney told CNN’s Soledad O’Brien this morning after his resounding victory in Florida on Tuesday. “I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there. If it needs repair, I’ll fix it.”

It's not clear how Romney, or any Republicans, will fix or improve safety nets to help the poor and middle class because they won't raise taxes on the rich to help pay for these programs.  In fact, Romney says time and again that he'll eliminate "Obamacare" (Health Care Reform) where middle class people are finally, after decades of debate, provided access to quality health insurance beginning in 2014.

Indeed, Americans must wake up, as described in the startling but funny YouTube video. 

Here's a few bumper sticker words of advice for Republicans who might reconsider their choice of candidates:

"Romney-Ryan 2012: Strapping Granny to the Roof of Your Car"
This bumper sticker raises the issue of how the Ryan austerity budget cuts the very safety net programs Romney says he'll fix.

"Romney-Ryan:  Restoring America's Aristocracy"
This refers to Romney's deference to the rich by not supporting tax increases for the one percent of wealthy Americans.

"Mitt Romney 2012- Tax Dodger for President"
This refers to Romney's tax rate at 14 percent (or lower) while most middle class people pay higher rates (including my husband and I who pay about a 30 percent rate!).

"Don't like your job? Don't worry! Romney will get rid of it for you."
This refers to Romney's job downsizing company Bain Capital, where the work included the eliminationof thousands of jobs because the venture capitalist company shed employees to raise corporate profits for investors.

In summary, people who vote Republican have no push back on anything written in this blog.  Republicans defend their policies because they believe government is too big, too costly and too regulatory to foster a growing private sector economy.

But, they're wrong.  Americans are among the least taxed people in the world and we're absolutely no better off as a result.  

It's time all Americans follow the excellent advice in the YouTube Video.  Please, watch and enjoy it- and do what it says.

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