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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Fact Checkers reading list- Romney lied

Although President Obama's supporters wished feverishly for a strong rebuttal to last evenings "lie-athon", the Romney theatrical performance, the fact is, we weren't faced with a morning news clip showing a "zinger" moment 

As a matter of fact, the morning pundits were the ones raising the truth issues, because they didn't have a potentially embarrassing moment to show, the kind that can live in infamy (although President Obama could have said to Romney, "there you go again- lying...). At least, the morning pundits were calling up the facts that Romney rolled over the American people, including the moderator Jim Lehrer.

People began sending me email messages right after the Presidential debate, asking what I would blog about? Well here’s the bottom line: Romney lied his way through the entire debate but President Obama didn’t call him on any facts. Nonetheless, style over substance, Romney bullied the President and debate moderator Jim Lehrer.

Here’s the recommended reading list to back me up, includes my post fact check blog written at midnight last evening.
Huffington Post:

Three from Los Angeles Times:

Romney repeats erroneous claims,0,5148610.story

Romney overstates jobs numbers, skews information,0,7773454.story

Julie's blog on Presidential Truthfulness Winning the Debate

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