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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Quality of Political Ads- Quality of Candidate

If voters were asked to vote on the quality of paid political ads rather than on the candidates, I submit the election would already be over and done with, because it would be a contest between optimism and pessimism. Democratic ads are in stark optimistic contrast with the negative and cynical Republican advertising. Americans don't need more cynicism in government. Rather, we need to believe in prosperity rather than in regressive ideation, like, for example, reinventing contraceptive services for women! Americans want access to economic security. Removing our social safety nets in a time of economic recovery does not instill optimism in American voters, especially when the commercials don't offer any hope other than changing leadership - no plan.

It's a sad commentary on how Americans obtain political news, but the political advertisement is now the arena where people go to get most information about the most important leaders in the world. My husband and I are in awe about how well informed other international citizens are about our American government, while Americans seem to wait until the political television advertising season to learn what most Europeans and Asians know, just by watching our CNN news.

If important choices the voters make in the election booth this year are truly a reflection of the political advertising, then it's clear the New Majority Agenda and Crossroads America must be disqualified for their amateurish, negative ads riddled with lies. In Maine, we're viewing political ads showing in the swing state New Hampshire, so we're exposed to the Democrats and the Republican commercials. Undoubtedly, the morose tone of the Republican ads are a reflection of how the conservative electorate perceive the nation's state of affairs - it's like seeing the world in black and white. Although there's probably no racial analogy in the tone of the Republican ads, it's difficult to avoid the bleak tone without making this assumption. Yet, the Democratic commercials reflect optimism while Republicans are hung up on doom and gloom.

In state elections, outside the national view, the optimism-pessimism contrast is evident in the Senate election for the seat held by Republican Olympia Snowe, in Maine. Independent, Angus King, is certainly worthy of an award for the high quality of political ads his campaign is airing in Maine. Angus puts his high favorability personality front and center into each positive message. In contrast, the opponents ads, ambiguously disguised as political action committees of dubious intentions, are bleak and, simply, unconvincing. Of course, people who accept these ads have the very same cynical outlook on politics as the negative ads- so the negative ads are not changing any minds. The Angus King ads reinforce optimism, change and reflect on a period of political stability in Maine. We are reminded how life was better when Governor Angus King was in charge. Sure, it's a nostalgic view but, nonetheless, accurate- because, "back then" the nation's economy was better.
It's entirely too early to postmortem the Romney campaign - or to declare victory for Angus King in Maine. Of course, I sure hope to see President Obama win re-election and Governor Angus King's campaign be successful. If both of these outcomes occur, then I can be somewhat of a prognosticator, reflecting back on this blog - were these successes a reflection of the campaigns' advertising- or not?

I submit President Obama will win and so will Governor Angus King. I like their political ads.

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