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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Romney's Debate Performance
Americans who remain mystified about how style over substance carried the first Presidential debate should consider this thought. Romney wanted to leave the debate having "zinged" President Obama. Instead, Big Bird and moderator Jim Lehrer were the losers . In fact, if Lehrer had been effective, the dynamic of the debate would have been more balanced. Romney got away with telling one lie after another, while it appeared Lehrer was the one being interrupted, trying to control the dynamics. 

Commentary is rare, if extinct, giving credit to Governor Romney's substance. In fact, the Bain Capital CEO is most remembered for telling Americans he'd fire Sesame Street and particularly targeted the endearing character of Big Bird. It was a well rehearsed debate act, to get attention.
Governor Romney's rich media mogul egomaniac friend Donald Trump's mantra "you're fired", is the one consistent message the Republican candidate for President can stick to, without flip-flopping. In fact, Romney already "fired" 47 percent of Americans in his secretly taped video telling funders how he's already written off nearly half the American population as "victims", because they happen to pay taxes for benefits like Social Security, Veterans Benefits and Medicare.
Romney got away with telling Americans lie after lie in his debate performance. He lied about providing pre-existing coverage in health care reform while saying he'd eliminate "Obamacare". This actuarial impossibility was quickly fact checked by Romney's own campaign, but too late for the 70 million viewers to hear the truth. 

Yet, when it comes to revealing facts people want to hear, Romney doesn't tells us the truth about his taxes, because we can't see them. Keeping secrets is the real Romney. Secrets are innate in Romney's cultural and religious beliefs. Romney's debate performance should be criticized for lack of substance. Instead, President Obama is being criticized for lack of style. Americans can't vote for a man whose style is to tell lies, keep important secrets just because he can and writes off 47 percent of the population.

President Obama's strategy not to engage Governor Romney's theatrics during the debate can be defended as a deliberate deflection "not to make news". In fact, dear Big Bird took the fall that Romney so desperately wanted to land on the President, but couldn't pull it off. President Obama made himself invisible to planned "zingers", so Romney went after bigger game, ie, Big Bird.

Americans must vote down the extremists who are propping up Romney. His debate "performance" was the real Romney. It's an act to win the presidential campaign so that right wing extremists can own and control the American people - especially regarding taxes, as they want the middle class to pay government's bills.

I wish I could reassure blog readers that Americans are clued into the dangers of a Republican-Romney potential administration. Unfortunately, it appears, from post debate analysis, that style is a substance detractor.


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