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Monday, October 22, 2012

Ownership of America - Koch Brothers Politics

Filthy rich Koch brothers aren't satisfied being the wealthiest men in America. They mean to pay for control of American politics and the minds of people who work for them. They are exerting extraordinary undue influence over the presidential 2012 election by paying as much as it costs to win. 

Why do the Koch brothers want to own America? They can buy anything they want to own. Perhaps, America is a toy they want to redesign according to their greedy vision of the world.  They obviously don't care about the people they harm while exerting fiscal power.
Clare O'Connor reports in Forbes:

"It hasn’t been the best week for the billionaire Koch brothers. The lesser known Koch, David's twin brother Bill, stands accused of kidnapping and imprisoning an executive on his Colorado ranch. He denies all charges."

Koch brothers have so much money they can't spend it all in their lifetimes. Yet, they must believe they can control the political world according to them, while they're still living, because they appear to be unscrupulous about how they're willing to spend their fortune.

O'Connor writes, "Charles and David Koch are rarely out of the headlines, but Sunday’s news was more substantive than the usual speculation on where America’s richest brothers, worth $31 billion apiece, are secretly spending their cash this election."

As a matter of fact, O'Connor reports, "Liberal political magazine In These Times obtained and published a packet of voting information sent to 45,000 employees of Koch Industries paper subsidiary Georgia-Pacific. The materials include a list of Koch-endorsed candidates — those who 'have received support from a Koch company or Koch PAC', the company’s political action committee. For Oregon staffers, that list is comprised solely of Republicans: 14 of them at state level, plus the Romney/Ryan presidential ticket. The publication of this mailing comes on the heels of another highly publicized letter from a member of the one per cent. Timeshare mogul David Siegel wrote to his employees last week urging them to vote for Mitt Romney or risk losing their jobs." 

It seems to me these strong arm tactics are illegal.  Where's the Human Rights Commission, where these strong armed employees work?  I suppose it doesn't matter much if an employee wins a workplace suit through the Human Rights Commission, if there's no job for them at the end of the process.  

If the 2012 election is won based on who spends the most decadent amounts of money, paid for by unbridled rich people like the Koch brothers, then I predict America will become as regressive as a feudal society, where we'll pay kick backs to protect our freedoms. I don't make this scenario up, because my family lived in just such a country, the Philippines, during the 1970s when the Marcos administration managed under the equivalent ownership of the Koch Brothers. Marcos was owned by the "haves" of the Philippines while the "have nots" were subservient to the regime.

Americans must revolt against Koch brothers ownership of our nation.  Somehow, these rich moguls have kept a low profile while funding their takeover of America.  Unfortunately, Americans are unlikely to figure out how dangerous these rich men are until their power is untethered and they are out of control.

By re-electing President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, Americans will push back on Koch brothers ownership of our nation.  



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