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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Look Sensata Employees Eye to Eye and See the Hypocrisy of the Romney Campaign

Although it's easy to create lists with reasons why Governor Mitt Romney is unqualified to lead our US nation, the most succinct, but, also, the most telling, is found in the truly sad story of the Freeport Illinois workers who were laid off employees of Sensata. They are unemployed because because Bain Capital negotiated the sale of their successful company jobs to China. 

Bain Capital is the investment company founded by Governor Mitt Romney. His political ads and rhetoric says he wants to be president because he knows how to create jobs. Okay. Where's the proof? Sensata employees certainly have something to say about how Governor Romney doesn't know how to create jobs unless, of course, those jobs are in China. That's what's happening to the Sensata jobs. An investment firm led by Bain Capital is now sending the Sensata jobs to China, where low wages paid to Chinese workers will generate higher profits for entrepreneurial investors.

What's worse, Sensata employees in Freeport Ill. were asked to train the Chinese workers who are replacing them, when the positions once held by the Americans are outsourced to China. 

One claim to fame in Freeport, Ill is the city was one of the locations for the historic 1858 Lincoln-Douglas debates.  Perhaps this city can again play a historic role in the 2012 election.

Dear blog readers. This Sensata workers scenario is, at the least, hypocritical of the Romney campaign, because they're erroneously preaching about creating American jobs.  Where's the proof?

At worst, it's a symbol of how Americans are betrayed by the Romney for President misguided rhetoric.  When Romney created jobs, he did so to increase profits for investors of Bain Capital. Many of the jobs created by these financial transactions went to China and other countries outside of the USA.

Moreover, those voters who look a Freeport Illinois outsourced Sensata employee in the face and then vote for Governor Romney cannot explain to me the reasoning for their choice.  Or course, this raises the "elephant in the room" question of racial preference.

When a nurse looks at what treatment to recommend when a patient asks for guidance, we're trained to support methodologies where there's obvious outcome information available.  In other words, a nurse would not recommend a dermatologist for a person who asks where to receive the best treatment for cardiac care.  

That's why it's simply counter intuitive for people to vote for Mitt Romney because he says he'll create jobs.  It's like asking him where his enormous wealth is invested.  He can't do either without also protecting his wealth and those of all his enormously rich colleagues and friends - at the expense of middle class workers like those who lost their jobs at Sensata in Freeport, Ill.

Wake Up America (WUA- or Whooooaaaa)!  Vote to re-elect President Barack Obama because he is a leader we can trust.

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