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Thursday, August 02, 2012

President Obama's POTUS Campaign Ads

President Obama speaks for himself in a new and effective political campaign ad.

Political strategists working for President Obama's reelection figured out how to break through the clutter of harping television advertisements, where predictable rhetoric clutters the viewers minds to purposefully create anxiety about candidates. Rather than pile on partisan hype, President Obama's just released campaign ad is simple, straightforward, reassuring and personal. In the narrative, he speaks directly to the American people, rather than through voice overs or through talking head surrogates, filtered by imagery.

In other words, President Obama speaks to us as President of the United States. (In "twitter-shere", he's called the POTUS.) This plain speaking political strategy cuts through the noise, and clutter of multiple negative political action committee ads from the trio New Majority Agenda, Crossroads America and the Republican National Committee. It's a meaningful communications strategy, because the President's credibility as our nation's leader shines through the narrative.

President Obama is likable, say the pollsters. People are willing to listen to him- which is the first hurdle in any political campaign. If people are willing to hear what you have to say, then you'd better capture their educable moments.

Obama's smile and personality easily engages audiences. He's a convincing public speaker, which is precisely how he launched himself into the national limelight, in the first place. President Obama's electrifying oratory introduced him to Americans during the 2004 Democratic National Convention, when he gave his now classic speech, "We're not red states and blue states, we're the United States".

Democrats desperately need a winning strategy, given the deluge of money Republicans are willing to throw at political action committees to defeat President Obama, because he's not one of them.

President Obama is the right candidate to put in front of middle class people in political ads because he's credible, likable and, most important, he's Presidential. His newest ad convinces us to listen to him. If we listen, we're more likely to vote for him - because, of course, he's the POTUS!

Nevertheless, in November, voters need more than political action committees or POTUS ads to help select the right national leadership. Political advertising notwithstanding, Romney's campaign is floundering due to the lack of a candidate. If Romney continues "not to show up" by avoiding direct questions about his taxes, the sources of his wealth, or why he thinks millionaires and billionaires should get tax breaks, while the middle class pays the nation's bills, then voters will have only one responsible candidate to choose.


Obama does how up! In social media, TV interviews, doing his own campaign ads and he even tweeted Michael Phelps to congratulate him on his extraordinary championship showing at the London Olympics.  He's proving consistent leadership against a barrage of money, in spite of Tea-Party budget spoilers and hypocritical politicians who speak sound bites, like parrots, rather than lead - like House Speaker John Boehner and his GOP lemmings.

But, for the moment, while Americans enjoy summer and the enthusiasm of London's Olympic games, the POTUS ads are in tune with the optimism of the season, by spotlighting the spirit of competent presidential leadership.



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