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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

New Majority Agenda and Romney's Competency: A Republican Crossroads

Rich contributors anxiously waiting to buy Governor Mitt Romney's potential presidency throw many millions of dollars at negative ads to influence voters. They should ask for their money back. They're purchase is a political pig in a poke, because Romney isn't competent to be the President of the United States.

In fact, Romney's just completed European trip, staged for photo-ops to bolster his international image, is ample evidence of the man's incompetent leadership. He was impolite about Britain's Olympic readiness. Then, he acted like some sort of religious prophet by advocating for Israel to move their national capital city to Jerusalem. In Poland, a campaign staff person, who he's in charge of, acted profanely towards the media.

Dear Candidate Romney- leading a government isn't like being in charge of a profit generating venture capitalist company, like Bain Capital, when you were Chief Executive Officer. A government demands competency from leaders, as multiple historic coup d'etats are ample evidence.

Rich contributors spend money like drunken sailors on negative political action committee ads. They desperately want to own their preferred presidential candidate so he'll lead their selfish causes, to protect wealth, cut taxes for the rich and give government money to cronies, rather than to the middle class. By now, the rich puppeteers must be disenchanted in Romney as their standard bearer, because he's become like a Hans Christian Anderson story king, "wearing no cloths". Wasteful money spent to hammer President Obama's leadership is just rhetoric, because the competent Republican candidate, to carry the sword for their cause, isn't there for them.

Here's my list of some reasons why unbridled New Majority Agenda and Crossroads America PAC monies took the wrong turn at their own political crossroads, by not checking Romney's leadership competency: 

1.  Romney can't tell the truth. He wastes precious campaign time explaining away important misstatements. For example, when was he, or wasn't he, CEO of Bain Capital? A competent leader would know the answer to this simple question, but Romney's signature on Securities and Exchange Commission documents don't match his explanation. In other words, Romney lies. If he were telling the truth, SEC documents would demonstrate his truthfulness.

2.  Romney controls the media like a dictator, as tweeted by Fox journalist Greta Van Susteren:
Van Susteren is part of the press pool following Mitt Romney on his overseas trip.....she wrote in her blog that press access to the candidate, since they arrived in Poland, comparing the situation to a 'modified petting zoo' because, as Susteren explained, the press pool is 'trapped in a bus while Polish citizens take pictures of us'."

To bolster Van Susteren's point, a Romney campaign aide named Rick Gorka profanes the media:

"An aide to Romney told reporters to “kiss my ass” in Warsaw on Tuesday, as the Republican candidate’s overseas trip draws to an end after days of negative headlines. Traveling press secretary Rick Gorka lost his cool after reporters shouted questions at Romney as he walked to his car from Pilsudski Square in Poland. Romney had just laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier."
Read more:

(This vulgar incident is particularly insulting in Poland, where a profanity like "kiss my ass" is probably the worst descriptive insult- and for Gorka to make this profane comment at the tomb of the unknown soldier, compounds the embarrassing incident.)

3.  Inability to be transparent: Voters should never let Romney forget to reveal his taxes because we deserve to know the sources of his wealth.  Enough said about that.  Hello? Show Americans your taxes, "stupid!"

It's time for the New Majority Agenda and Crossroads America to look inward for truthfulness, openness and transparency.

Rich Republican moguls should evaluate the incompetency of One Term Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney before wasting any more millions bolstering a flawed candidate.



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