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Sunday, August 05, 2012

New Majority Agenda is a Blogger's Gold Mine

New Majority Agenda is a huge target for bloggers who make points by hitting on the negative themes portrayed in the mysteriously funded television ads. Although the poorly produced ads are supposed to disparage President Barack Obama, they are, instead, providing bloggers with a gold mine of misinformation to pan through and write about.

These ads grow progressively more negative and are weighted with lies.

Propaganda produced by New Majority Agenda is Orwellian and facts are as rare as finding a new source of gold in a worn out miners camp. One recent ad shows a news lead read by CBS anchor Scott Pelley who might as well be speaking on a bull horn when he gives the news that's no news at all - our nation is having a tough time recovering from the Great Recession. I don't know when Pelley made the original newscast, or if he was paid by New Majority Agenda to use his image, but it's not new news. New Majority Agenda never provides opportunities to fix anything, the ads just conjure up fear based upon worthless headlines.

Here's the truth: American jobs were shed like layers of cloths in a heat wave when companies saw the Great Recession as an excuse to cut their payrolls. Although the economy froze due to a near implosion of the unregulated banking industry, the companies have not re-hired during the recovery because they prefer to keep expenses low for the sake of growing their operational margins, meaning profits.

Governor Romney knows how to generate profit margins. He's an expert at cutting business operations for the sake of making money. That's what he did as chief executive officer at the venture capitalist firm Bain Capital, where he made money like a man with Hoarders Syndrome by buying businesses, cutting jobs and selling the downsized companies for profit. He created profits for other rich people who were eager to gain from the sale of companies that Bain had downsized. There's nothing new in this kind of capitalist venture into profit making, but what's wrong is that the newly formed companies typically don't re-hire and many outsource their labor to foreign countries.

Among other lies portrayed in New Majority Agenda ads are bleak images of a working President Obama who's unable to create jobs. But, in fact, the private sector isn't hiring and the President has little control over these corporate jobs. Today's jobs are lost in the crucial public sector. Municipalities haven't recovered from the impact of property tax losses resulting in layoffs of fire fighters, maintenance workers, teachers, police and firefighters. These employees lost their jobs because of Republican driven tax cuts, rather than any Presidential policy. Employment opportunities in public service and construction would improve if the paralyzed US Congress passed President Obama's jobs bill to support fixing our nation's crumbling infrastructure. Obviously, the New Majority Agenda isn't interested in telling the truth. Cheap lies are funded by the expensive television attack ads, while the money to pay forcing them on viewers flows like rapidly rising arroyos. Anonymous donors flood these morbid attack ads with unaccounted for cash, contributed by incredibly wealthy ninney hammer moguls who want to own a Romney puppet presidency.

Unfortunately, for thoughtful television viewers, New Majority Agenda will likely ramp up the intensity of their anonymously funded and expensive attack ads. This media intensity risks overcoming bloggers who will have a tough time keeping up with the nuggets of misinformation portrayed in the deeply flawed messaging.

It's possible to deface New Majority Agenda by shining a spotlight on the nefarious group's propaganda, but there's no way the gold mine of blogging material generated by the lying ads will compete with the cash the contributors pile up behind the PACs messages. These hidden contributors have the equivalent of gold bouillon stocked in their political greed vaults to pay for a potential Romney presidency.

These are the best of times and the worst of times for information mining bloggers who see a rush of topics to write about in New Majority Agenda. But, attack ads are absent ideas and sooner or later the bloggers will run out of creative ideas to counter them. Yet, by their relentless consistency, New Majority Agenda is drilling a dark abyss of negative campaign tunnels that lead nowhere. We can't allow the rich contributors for these ads to sell Americans a truck load of political fools gold.

We can't allow them to buy a US Presidency.



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