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Friday, August 03, 2012

Message to New Majority Agenda - Health Care Is Jobs

Health care is about jobs but New Majority Agenda doesn't get it! 

American health care is largely provided by private sector organizations where employment has been stable and even growing throughout the recent economic downturn.

“The demographic story for health care remains good and will get better,” said Jim Paulsen in a story.

Amateurish negative anti-Obama TV attack ads, promoted by the wasteful spenders at New Majority Agenda, produce one set of lies after another.  They began with a retro Leave it to Beaver flashback scenario portraying an aging while you watched her mother, wondering if her eleven year old children would find jobs.  One ridiculously negative theme after another are embarrassing to watch, but the harshly negative tones are, nonetheless, compelling.  They're like listening to a national emergency alert system warning. 

In the most recent propaganda, the ads falsely broadcast a statement about how President Obama's term as president has been too focused on health care reform and, therefore, didn't spend enough time creating jobs. In fact, the lying ads even purposefully misreport the nation's unemployment rate as higher than it really is.

But New Majority Agenda gets it totally wrong, again, about health care reform and jobs. Health care is the one sector of the economy where jobs have been created, even during the recession.  Health Care Reform is a job creator, because more people will have access to primary care, thereby, opening opportunities for employment by growing this sector of the economy.  

Employment means more nurses will be needed to provide patient support, more advanced practice nurses will be hired in primary care medical practices, and clinics, and more support staff will be needed to manage the growing number of patients who will be covered by health care reform initiatives. Employment means  medical technology systems makers will sell more equipment and pharmaceutical companies will market more drugs.  Employment means hospitals won't worry so much about laying off workers when some insurance companies, inconveniently, don't pay their beneficiaries bills for months or when reimbursement rates won't cover the costs of care. 

Health care spending has grown to over 17 percent of the nation's gross domestic product (GDP) and employment grows as a result.

Health care reform means more people will have access to health care and they'll be able to pay for it, too.

In a world of facts rather than Orwellian fiction, New Majority Agenda would implode like a sink hole if people demanded the expenditures this negative political action committee spends would promote truth rather than lies.

It's time New Majority Agenda stops promulgating fearful lies. 

Regardless of how Americans feel about President Obama's health care reform or the law he passed to provide people with more security about their insurance coverage, the facts are that health care creates jobs.

New Majority Agenda is not a credible organization. Virtually all their PAC propaganda messages need fact checking, at least. Even better, they should be erased from political advertising.  Politics is supposed to be about how to best represent people in government. Purposefully lying to people is illegal in every other sector of our lives, so the New Majority Agenda is apparently held to a different ethical and moral standard. Why? New Majority Agenda is a majority of lies and shouldn't be allowed to exist.



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