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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Secretive Politics and Romney Culture

So much about "secrets" in the media these day regarding political campaign donors and the Romney campaign for President. 

Google the word "secrets" and the pickings are as numerous as pebbles on a lake bottom. Just dip in and bring up as many as your hand can hold, like these: - LA Times story on secret PAC donors

"After winning right to spend, political groups fight for secrecy"  "If the American people knew what he truly (secretly) believed, they would surely not place him (Romney) in the highest office in the land.”  LDS- "The Secret Handshake Church"

Does this new normal about political secrecy suggest a synergy between Governor Romney and his cultural beliefs as a Mormon?

Although religion is apparently off limits to many pundits when evaluating politicians, one has to examine the concept of "secrets" when a cultural belief about the controlling impact of secretive behavior is included in religious beliefs of candidates. For example, Governor Romney's secret off shore bank accounts might be indicative of a more sinister management style. 

Would a Romney presidential administration also be secretive?  

Our news media these days are more into selling headlines than rooting out truth. But, if investigative journalism still exists, it seems like the revelation of "secrets" in political cultural should be taken as a Pulitzer Prize opportunity.

Mormonism is a religion where some secrets are a bonding code between the followers. Secret handshakes, for example.

Shouldn't Americans know why Governor Romney really wants to be the President of the United States? Particularly, has not said what he would do to improve our nation's condition. Maybe these answers are among his secrets.  

So far, Governor Romney has proven only one thing to anyone who tries to understand his political vision and intentions. That is, he sure knows how keep secrets.

Romney, the political candidate, is a frightening harbinger of secretive culture, with a potential for going viral if he happens to be elected president.

Americans should be alarmed!  

Remember "secret" tapes....etc?



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