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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Millionaire Campaign Marketing - High End and Glossy

Yesterday's mail was a boon for the US Post Office. I'm assuming millions of people, besides me, received Governor Romney's expensive campaign portfolio.

My mailbox was hardly large enough to contain the color, glossy, patriotic 18x11 inch single fold brochure, with enclosures, advertising a photograph of Mitt Romney awaited the recipient.

It's definitely not throw away mail. Moreover, receiving it reminded me of the many letters, ordinary junk mail size, received from the Wisconsin Scott Walker campaign, when he raised between $18-23 million (can't quote accurately what mega millions were raised) which effectively kept his job as governor against a recall petition. Initially, I discounted those Wisconsin mail solicitations, but they obviously worked. Walker "walked" into victory against a poorly funded, in comparison, challenge campaign.

But, wait, there's more! 

Romney's mega brochure is a two sided 18x11 inches color glossy on heavy weight paper.

Among the attractive print enclosures is a four color signed action portrait of Mitt Romney with a message, plus a lovely letter printed on letterhead and, of course, a certificate with recommended levels of giving to show how much the reader supports the Republican's campaign. One would think, for the sake of showing some semblance of cost consciousness, the contribution envelope would be a plain printed mailer. Oh, no! Rather, the envelope is also a color job with the words "process immediately" highlighted in a burgundy bar and the capital "R" in Romney's name is touched by red to compliment the royal blue print, to show a little patriotism. At least the envelope was not pre-posted, so the contributor must provide a postage stamp.

This expensive campaign mailing is symbolic of just how much money Republicans are willing to spend to win in November. 

In other words, money is no object, as there appears to be an inexhaustible supply of it for the purpose of defeating President Obama.

Two experiences come to mind.

First, my friends disagree with me, but real mail works! Years ago, an agency I worked for paid a research company to find out how we could increase participation in our organization. Although electronic mail was one of the options, the direct mail appeal still came out ahead, as far as being most effective. We paid for the information, but people continue to deny the fact that real snail mail works. Surely, the Republican Romney campaign paid for research before spending millions on the 18x11 inch color mailer. Although I regret admitting the reality, I believe the expensive Romney mailing can't help but provide a return on investment.

Another experience, however, brings to mind how the public should perceive Romney's color mega-money mailer. Frugal Maine legislators made it clear, in public hearings, how some won't even read glossy marketing materials because the cost of publication indicates the provider groups are wasting money.

But, the cost of production, printing and mailing of the Millionaire Campaign Marketing, Romney's high end advertisement, gives evidence to the depth of resources available to the candidate.

Obviously, the value added in the wasteful use of advertising paper is evidence of just how much money Republicans, the party of social austerity, will throw away just because they can.

Republicans could fund some of the social programs they appear to want to cut if they put money wasted on the Millionaire Campaign Marketing into Food Stamps, for example.

High End and Glossy Marketing materials are green with expense, but will likely endure for centuries before decomposing in land fills.

Sadly, Millionaire Campaign Marketing campaigns appear to have no moral compass.

Money only seems to be an issue when poor people need Medicaid assistance or to protect Social Security. Otherwise, it's money left on the table when it's needed to win a political issue.



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