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Friday, May 25, 2012

Scott Walker is the Ultimate Divider Politician - Wisconsin Must Remove Him

Regardless of how Wisconsinites feel about figure head leader Governor Scott Walker, they cannot retain him as Governor. This man has caused a political civil war in the state where he is now a completely ineffective leader.  In the private sector, Walker would have been let go months ago for lack of leadership skills and inciting poor morale.

Leadership is not Walker's strong suit.  He appears to be incapable of fighting his own political battles.  

For example, my mail in Maine includes requests to give money directly to Scott Walker in Wisconsin.  I assume millions of these fund raising letters, loaded with lies, were sent around the country.  This direct mail appeal to individuals smacks of desperation.  

Moreover, with opinion polls  tightening around Walker's recall, he's bringing in other Republican state governors to walk around Wisconsin to keep his right wing tea party base energized. Walker can't seem to muster enough of a Wisconsin coalition to carry his cause, he's soliciting money from individuals around the country and using tax money paid to other state governors, in their salaries, by wasting their time campaigning against his recall. Americans don't pay our state governors salaries to "carry the water" for their political friends.

Understandably, Walker must be exhausted by months of assaults about how his failed leadership has divided Wisconsin.  Recall efforts notwithstanding, his political reputation will continue to be barraged by whatever his involvement was in a complicated problem called the John Doe investigation, which happened while he was Wisconsin's attorney general.

Worse, Wisconsinites cannot retain a governor who lies to his citizens: 

"Members of Congress who questioned Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker when he testified before a US House committee last year are asking the chairman of that committee to help them determine whether the controversial anti-labor governor made deceptive statements while under oath?"

There are many other allegations about Walker's inability to be truthful, especially evident in the millions of dollars his defensive campaign has invested in expensive untruthful television ads to fend off a recall.  With the US Supreme Court now allowing that lying is somehow protected under our Constitutional rights to free speech (Citizens United), a political action committee can pay to trump up any concocted idea imaginable, so long as the public is gullible enough to fall for the information.  This kind of unbridled and dangerous political advertising requires very expensive counter communications because the truth doesn't appear to have the same value as fact after a lie is in the public domain.

Recently, Walker called on the National Rifle Association to pay for an ad claiming his challenger Tom Barrett is anti-hunting and threatens second amendment rights to bear arms.  Barrett quickly claimed this ad is a lie. Barrett's arguments in defense of hunting rights and the Second Amendment are convincing.  I believe Walker's ad is a lie. Shame on the National Rifle Association for supporting incendiary and unsubstantiated lies.

Wisconsin;s daunting recall election debacle has gone beyond personalities. It's about political ideology. Clearly, Walker is incapable of continuing as Wisconsin's Governor, but his right wing dogma is protected by quasi supporters who carry his cause.

Walker is incapable of being an effective governor, but those who claim to support him are doing so out of a conviction about busting labor unions and other conservative right wing issues. 

Those opposing Walker are targeting him personally with allegations of  corruption and perjury.  

From an organizational systems perspective, there is no way Walker is capable of moving forward, regardless of the outcome of the recall election.

Therefore, in the interest of preventing a Wisconsin Civil War, I believe Walker should resign or be recalled.  If Walker is recalled, Barrett may become an interim Governor, as a result, transitioning to a freshly elected administration.  Either candidate who gets the majority vote on election night of the upcoming Wisconsin recall cannot claim victory when the state will remain divided by Walker's caustic leadership style.

If Wisconsin's Republicans and anti labor advocates want to move their state "forward", by implementing right wing public policies, they must first remove the divisive, embattled and exhausted governor. 

For the sake of a united Wisconsin, the state's voters must find a truthful and effective leader.

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