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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Evangelical Christians misplace their Messianic obsession with Donald Trump

It makes no religious sense. Regardless of what faith you follow. Even atheists know better. 

I'm a Roman Catholic who doesn't believe in false prophets.  

There is nothing Evangelical or Messianic about Donald Trump. 

It's scary. Donald Trump is an immature, and hedonistic man, who created a cult following, by throwing around a couple of slanderous campaign slogans. 

Donald Trump's horrible, but indelible, messages like "Lock her up", or "Mexicans are rapists," are among other evil messages that obviously captivated the minds of misguided Evangelicals (including many who are Roman Catholics, like Hugh Hewett, sorry to say.)

No, seriously! It's apparent to me that the Evangelical Christians who blindly follow Donald Trump, like he is a new age Messiah, are behaving with a cult mentality. They are victims of the most heinous hypocrisy.  They blindly obey Donald Trump, a man who has no Christian beliefs, whatsoever.

Honestly, I heard from a friend who sent her two daughters to a Christian summer camp. They came home with a message from a counselor, who instructed them to always obey their leader, because they are inspired by God. Oh really? 

Obviously, Moses would never have been the heroic leader he became, if his mother had given in, and obeyed the Pharaoh. 

It was the leader of Egypt, the Pharaoh who commanded that all male Hebrew children born would be drowned in the river Nile. But, Moses' mother placed him in an ark and concealed the ark in the bulrushes by the riverbank, where the baby was discovered and adopted by Pharaoh's daughter.  

"A man and a woman from the tribe of Levi had a baby boy. They defied Pharaoh’s decree, hiding their son for three months. But when it became impossible to hide him any longer, they 'cast him into the Nile River'...In fact, if Moses hadn't been saved by Pharaoh’s daughter, there would have been no nation for him to deliver more than 75 years later." Moses and the Exodus (Exodus 1-15).

Now, Donald Trump is trumpeting another evil slogan.  
"North Korea Will Be Met With 'Fire And Fury'", was a dangerously stupid response to Kim Jong-un, who is bringing the world to the brink of nuclear war, all by himself. Yet, (unbelievably) Donald Trump is now enticing him to move even faster, in this regard. 
Donald Trump was incendiary and reactionary by calling on fire and brimstone to annihilate millions of North Koreans. He reacted in defiance to the measured responses to Kim Jong-un, as provided by his leadership team. In fact, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called for negotiations, using moderate tones.  United National Ambassador Nikki Haley coordinated a 15-0 vote of the international community, to impose greater sanctions on North Korea. Both responses were synergistic. While Tillerson offered a door to negotiations, Haley's strategy tightened the economic incentive for Kim Jong-un to go to the negotiating table.  

Tragically, Donald Trump upset this cleverly nuanced strategy with the stupidity of raising the danger bar too high for anybody to transcend.

As long as Kim Jong-un in North Korea is alive, the likelihood of a retaliatory strike against the US by a rogue missile, with nuclear impact, is highly probable.  

It is the US that will experience the wrath of fire and fury, because Donald Trump raised the temperature on an inflammatory situation, rather than work to calm the flames.

Meanwhile, the Evangelicals continue to blindly follow Donald Trump. Clearly, they forget the Biblical Scripture in Ezekiel 28-16:

"The riches which thy great trade has produced have but increased thy love of gain more and more, and induced thee to commit acts of violence, fraud, and extortion, to make further additions to thy power and riches; therefore I will cast thee out of the mountain of God — I will cast thee down to contempt from that super-eminent degree of power and glory..."

Evangelicals who blindly follow Donald Trump (including Roman Catholics) are classic cult victims. They have falsely believed in his wrongly claimed Messianic status. Donald Trump will fall, just like all the despots before him.  Nevertheless, in his fall, he risks taking millions of innocent people along with him, unless America wakes up and removes him for incompetence, as the 25th Amendment of the Constitution provides.

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