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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Health care debate - must go to 2018 voters

All across America, ordinary people took to the streets and attended political "town hall" meetings to protest the series of Republican plans targeted to take away health insurance coverage from millions of people. Although the repeal efforts failed, the fact is, they almost passed!

Those same people who gave invaluable time and energy to defeat the Republicans' "repeal and replace" debacle, must take up the momentum to defeat the candidates who will continue these efforts to deny Americans the human dignity of have health coverage. If those Republicans who supported the repeals continue, they'll go after the ACA again, and they won't stop there

Here is an echo from the Atlanta Journal Constitution- an opinion by reporter Tamar Hallerman, from Georgia!

Shock, anger, relief in Georgia after health care effort tanks

by Tamar Hallerman
Christy Nelson survived thyroid cancer but has been fighting insomnia for months, terrified of the GOP effort to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. She and her husband, who has Crohn’s disease, depend on protections for pre-existing conditions to afford health coverage, and following the collapse of the repeal effort their relief is only slowly starting to bloom. “We are a family scared to death,” she said. “This has been a terrible fear.”

Georgia patients, medical workers, hospital officials and taxpayers on all sides of the issue have lived with anxiety for months as Washington Republicans’ tried to repeal the federal health care law known as Obamacare (Affordable Care Act). 

They awoke in wonder Friday, after an early morning dramatic vote with Senator John McCain voting with Senator Susan Collins and Senator Lisa Murkowski — those who didn’t stay up to watch the dramatic moment on TV — to the news that it was over. At least for now.

Senators did not let the dust settle on the health bill before they skedaddled out of town for the weekend.

Many House Republicans were shell-shocked and livid that a central campaign pledge could be left flapping in the wind by a divided Senate.

Which is precisely the reason why the people who successfully influenced the Senators to block the ACA repeal must be even more diligent! We must demand efforts to improve the law, expand coverage and remove all who voted in support of this horrible repeal out of Washington. 

Let the unemployed Republicans find jobs where they need to buy their own insurance, rather than have the taxpayers fund their coverage.

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