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Monday, August 07, 2017

Three Generals minding the White House

Has anybody else noticed?
I'm just thinking, is this high level of military presence deliberate and for a specific reason!

Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster
Chairman of the National Security Council (NSC)

Three American Generals are minding the White House.

Marine General John Kelly USMC-Ret
White House Chief of Staff

Ya'think?  Maybe this high level of military scrutiny has something to do with Donald Trump's propensity for communicating with Russian President, Vladimir Putin?

Secretary of Defense General James Mattis USMC-Ret
It's difficult for me to believe that the intellectual General James Mattis can get along with the street ignorant and compulsive television watching mentality of Donald Trump. In fact, General Mattis grew up without television and he is reported to be a well read scholar.

Speaking at a conference sponsored by The Heritage Foundation in Washington in 2015, Secretary Mattis stated that he believed that Russian President Vladimir Putin's intent is "to break NATO apart."

Mattis has also spoken out against what he perceives as Russia's expansionist or bellicose policies in Syria, Ukraine and the Baltic states. In 2017, Mattis said that the world order is "under biggest attacks since World War Two, from Russia, terrorist groups, and China's actions in the South China Sea."

In my opinion, Donald Trump's compulsive love affair with Vladimir Putin, who was a former KGB operative and Cold Warrior, is the subject of intense scrutiny by three generals.  

These three generals speak together as colleagues and as masterful leaders. They know that Donald Trump is unworthy of holding the office he occupies, because of his weird temperament and labile personality; but they can't allow him to make any fatally flawed mistakes that threaten national security.

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