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Saturday, August 05, 2017

Wyoming Tribune Eagle- opinions and letters for Tom Brokaw to read

Even Wyoming has letters in my "echo" series of randomly slected "letters to the editor", consistent with my blog. 

In other words, these comments are re-posted in my blog, if I happen agree with the authors' points of view.
There are plenty of Wyoming people who continue to oppose Donald Trump and who have strongly advocated for the Affordable Care Act, including expansion of Medicaid. 

As much as I typically agree with the journalist Tom Brokaw, the fact is, he did a "person on the Wyoming range" interview among Wyoming people to ask their opinion about Donald Trump?  

Obviously, I can't travel to Wyoming to randomly interview people, but I can cruise the state's newspapers and read what people think about issues.

Wyoming has a health care access problem just read letters to the editors before doing "persons on the street" interviews.  Interviewing the writers of a series of newspaper opinions and letters would give journalists an accurate picture to report.

I found several letters about protecting Medicaid, hardly a conservative issue being debated in what is considered a "sacred 'Red'" state. 

Nevertheless, I can't understand how, or why, anybody wants to dismantle Medicaid; but, thankfully caring and sensible people who want to protect this safety net program for people who need this level of support for reasons they simply cannot control.  

When NBC news sends respected journalists like Tom Brokaw and, before him, Peter Alexander, out to do "persons on the street" interviews, they should also be assigned to report on local "letters to the editor".  In my opinion, when people know they're about to be on television, they vet their remarks.  

On the other hand, letters to the editor are source material, written by people who represent a point of view that's shared by many others. 

Although the Wyoming Tribune Eagle newspapers wants subscriber fees to access the complete content of these letters, I believe the publicly available headlines speak for themselves.  

State and federal lawmakers must protect Medicaid funding

CHEYENNE – Funding troubles are leading to a variety of difficulties when it comes to caring for the intellectually and developmentally disabled in Wyoming.

Here's another one:

Why not provide Naxolone (anecdote to a drug overdose) when inmates are released? by Maeke Ermarth of Cheyenne

Should inmates be provided with Naxolone when released from prison? I understand policymakers being wary of doing something that, on the surface, appears to be a “pass” for addicts to return to their addictions. But after reviewing and witnessing results of various perceptions, tactics and programs surrounding recovery, I believe providing inmates with Naxolone upon release is worth a five-year trial.

Yes, and here's another one: 

Americans rose up to stop Trumpcare, GOP sabotage by Richard Medlock in Cheyenne

Again, Republicans couldn’t pass Trumpcare because millions of Americans rose up and stopped them.  By just one vote, the Senate rejected the latest version of Trumpcare, which would’ve stripped health care (17, 686 Wyoming people would have lost coverage).

There are too many letters to the Wyoming newspapers to post in this blog. Believe me, there are more than plenty of Wyoming people who are opposed to Donald Trump and his administration's regressive policies on a range of issues, not the least of them being the LGTB "tweet".  

Just to summarize for Mr. Brokaw- with all due respect, you didn't ask the right Wyoming people the right questions. 

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