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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Carter Page exhibits mental illness and puts Americans at risk for PTSD

Meanwhile, with a Russian spy submarine sitting off the coast of Groton Connecticut in international waters, former Donald Trump adviser and crazy person of the day Carter Page denied the Russians are as bit a threat to America as the media is claiming.  
Page is a former investment banker made a name for himself attacking the United States government on Russian state media outlets.  
"Carter Page is mentally ill" BS, MHSA, RN
With the unmitigated gall of a scoundral. the appeared to be hallucinating Carter Page condescendingly stared down Judy Woodruff during her New Hour Interview with him on Feb 15, and said, unconvincingly, he did not believe the Trump administration advisers did anything wrong by communiating with Russia.  It didn't matter at all to Page that the communications have the sinister presumption of treason. Rather than deal with the salient issue and the risks of appearing guilty, Carter Page acted like he was disoriented at times during the interview. Several times, he eve lost trrack of his train of thought while obviously trying to think ahead about how to deny the undeniable. Did he have contact with Russians while he was advising Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign? Well, he said hello to them. That's about as believable as a Russian connisseur mistaking pure water for 80 proof vodka.

This conversation didn't follow the thought process of a mentally healthy person; yet, Carter Page was an adviser to Donald Trump - how can this be so?
JUDY WOODRUFF: Well, let me just …

CARTER PAGE: And I think — yes.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Let me just move on by saying, but you were a member of his foreign policy team. We were just talking about that a moment ago.


JUDY WOODRUFF: But my first question, then, after that, Carter Page, is to ask you, you’re aware of these reports out there that there were officials in the Trump campaign who were in repeated contact with Russian officials, Russian intelligence officials during 2016.

Were you one of those campaign officials?

CARTER PAGE: Well, Judy, you know, that — going back to the question to Sean Spicer about fake news, I mean, this — yes, I’m aware of the reports, which I saw on the front page of The New York Times today.

But I think I can actually answer that question as to why that was fake news. That was just a regurgitation of old reports, based on the dodgy dossier that the Clinton campaign came out with.

So help me God, dear blog readers- the bizarre Carter Page interview was as close to listening to a clinically mentally ill person speaking as you will ever see on television.

Mayday!  Americans must rid ourselves of the absolutely insane influences with Russian penetration that is infecting our government and is corrupting our Republican party.  Unfortunately, by the time Republicans finally figure out how dangerously de-compensating the problem is, we will all, as a nation, need Post Traumatic Stress Counseling to get over the emotional trauma.  No, seriously! Save Our Souls.Image result for save our soul graphic
Save Our National Souls before we need Post Traumatic Stress Counseling

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