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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Trump administration taking down GOP

At this point in the still very short tenure of the Donald Trump failed administraton, the Republicans continue to prop up his crumbling leadership like the proverbial boy who stuck his finger in the dyke. Eventually, the Republicans  must stop defending Donald Trump and fix all the leaks coming out of the corrupt administration.
Boy plugging dyke has water coming out of his his ear.
Obviously the Republican Senate President Mitch McConnell and GOP Speaker Paul Ryan did not hear Donald Trump say, "Russia if you are listening"- code for "invade the United States 2016 election"

Instead of accepting responsibility for Lt.General Flynn being involved in illegal communications with Russia's ambassador, Donald Trump, instead, blamed our American intelligence agencies for leaking the truth. Yet, it's Trump's corrupt Russian friendly administration that spews lies like water pouring out of holes in their political right wing wall or "dyke".

Nevertheless, Senate President Mitch McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan continue to defend the inept illegalities and lies put forth by the Donald Trump regime.  In my opinion, the Repubicans (especially leadership!) have cast their lot with political power without regard for national security. Republicans are wrongly, trying in vain, to keep their fingers in the leaking political dyke created by the right wing Donald Trump politburo, while security holes are breaking through all around them.  (Tragically, the risk of the Northern California Oroville Dam breach is like a metaphor about the failed Donald Trump administration.)

Donald Trump's entire creepy administration is packed with unqualified people and many are admitted Russian sympathizers.

Republicans who support Donald Trump better be aware of the poltiical risks to which they are exposing themsleves, when his entire olichachy implodes as a result of incompetence. Tragically, the "Trumped up" administration will fall, as all before them have done in the past. Indeed, the rubble will suffocate the GOP leaders, who will be smothered by the shame.

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