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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Another Trump ghoul - exumation of Bela Lugosi

As though the inept Donald Trump adminstration does't have enough larger than life ghouls among the inner politburo, the entrance of Stephen Miller injects a spectre as frightening as anything in a Grade B 1950s horror movie. It's hard to imagine why Miller wasn't auditioned for remakes of Bela Lugosi horror movies.

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Bela Lugosi was a Hungarian-American actor, famous for portraying the monster Count Dracula, a vampire, in the 1931 film and other horror film. Indeed, the Donald Trump monster surrogate who erupted on the Sunday February 12 News Shows was the exhumed body of Bela Lugosi, introduced by his modern name of Stephen Miller.  Image result for Stephen Miller

Regardless of the propaganda Stephen Miller regurgitated to The Week host George Stephanapolis or the NBC "Meet the Press" with Chuck Todd, in fact, he lied in response to all questions asked of him. Miller responded to questions like he was a wind up Frankenstein motorized robot, 

It's difficult to address all the lies Miller created in his news interviews, but the most henious was about how "enormous" numbers of illegal immigrants flooded into New Hampshire to vote in the 2016 presidential election.  This lie is totally uncorroborated. It's virtually impossible for "enormous" numbes of people to illegally flood into New Hampshire to vote without identification because the state's population is only 1.3 million people (give or take a few hundred) and the total votes cast for all candidates can't possibly support the lies Miller told aboout "enormos numbers" of illegal New Hampshire voters. In other words, in real arithmatic, his lies are a mathmetaticl impossibility.

Here are the facts:
The total population of New Hampshire is:

1.327 million (2014)
Democrat Hillary Clinton 348,526
Republican Donald Trump 345,790

Obviously, there's no credibility for the false claim given by Stephen Miller about how "enormous" numbers of illegal voters flooded into New Hampshire to vote for Hillary Clinton or against Donald Trump.

Every week, Donald Trump's administration via his inept surrogates creates. Every week we hear even more alternative facts, fake news, circular use of words, "Spicer Facts" (a slam on Press Secretary Sean Spicer) and the outright lies.

Unfortunately, the Trumpian administration lies outnumber the ability of the army of truth seekers who are trying to challenge them, because the vermon flows like lava out of the collective Hawaiian volcanoes.

Nevertheless,we must do all we can to push back against the evil proliferation of endless lies and the chaos intentionally assaulting the public.

As a matter of fact, arthematic helps.

Like, let's try counting the population of New Hampshire and then evaluate the number of people who voted. Erase the word "enormous" and use real numbers. There was absolutely no voter fraud in New Hampshire. Even the evil monster Dracula knows this.
Put Miller back inside the laboratory where he was created. Let's put the exhumed body of Bela Lugosi back to wherever it came from.



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