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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Russian spies and the Trump administration

Donald Trump continues to project blame for his irresonsible administration's contacts with Russia.  But, evidence mounts that Russia and President Putin have infiltrated the Trump administration.

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In a sheer abdication of responsibility, Donald Trump deflects, rather than admits, blame. Yet, the preponderance of the evidence continues to build, all the while Donald Trump responds by demanding apologies from the sources of the incrminating evidence. Incredibly, Donald Trump blames the mainstream media for uncovering factual evidence about  treasonous Russian communications between him and his circle of outrageous advisors. Now, he's demanding an apology from The New York Times for breaking more Russian intelligence information.

There's just too much evidence to ignore, including the proven fact that Russian hackers influenced the outcome of the 2016 election in what amounted to an invasion of American political communications. So the question is, how much evidence is needed before Republicans acknowledge the Donald Trump circle could be the root of treasonous behavior for the purpose of advancing their political ambition? It's the epitomy of selling their souls.  

Here's another report in the growing litany of evidence:

1.  Kellyanne Conway: Special adviser to Donald Trump and one of his litany of campaign managers. In fact, her husband is the man who defended Russians against criminal prosecution. Kellyanne Conway’s husband represented firm accused of Russia bribe. 

In fact, Trump's adviser Kellyanne Conway’s husband George recently represented a corporation accused of bribing Russian officials, it has been reported. Scott Dworkin, from the anti-Trump group Democratic Coalition, tweeted images of documents revealing the link. The document appears to show that in 2015 lawyer George Conway represented Hewlett-Packard Co and Hewlett-Packard Mexico in the US District Court in Northern California, San Jose division in a case brought by Petroleos Mexicanos and Pemex Exploracion y Produccion.

It read: “Pemex pleads that HP Russia used a German agent to bribe Russian officials to secure a contract with the prosecutor general of Russia.”

It comes after a series of claims regarding Donald Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and his campaign team and their links to Russia.

The President and his team have strongly denied all the reports, calling them “nonsense," - but the evidence mounts in spite of projecting blame.

In an interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer, Ms Conway claimed the revelation that Gen Flynn had lied to Vice President Mike Pence — who then went on television and insisted he had not discussed sanctions with the Russian ambassador — was the key factor in his resignation.

“I think misleading the vice president really was the key here,” Ms Conway said.

“But wait a second,” Mr Lauer replied. “You’re saying that was the straw that broke the camel’s back, but the White House knew about that last month when the Justice Department warned the White House that Flynn had not been completely honest in characterising that conversation with the Russian ambassador. And they even went further to say that as a result of that dishonesty, he was at risk for blackmailing by the Russians.”

“Well, that’s one characterisation, but the fact is that Gen Flynn continued in that position, and was in the presidential daily briefings, was part of the leader calls as recently as yesterday,” Ms Conway said. “As time wore on, obviously the situation had become unsustainable ...”

“Kellyanne that makes no sense,” Mr Lauer interjected. “Last month, the Justice Department warned the White House that Gen Flynn had misled them, and as a result he was vulnerable to blackmail. And at that moment, he still had the complete trust of the president?” (OMG- this is enough evidence to have put any one who is reading this under surveillance for sedition.)

“Matt, I’m telling you what the president has said, which is that he’s accepted Gen Flynn’s resignation and he wishes him well, and that we’re moving on,” Ms Conway answered.

Later, Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters Mr Trump’s trust in Gen Flynn had “eroded” over the weeks between the Justice Department’s warning and his decision to step down.

Probably, it's not irony to note that prior to Kellyanne Conway being hired to manage the Donald Trump political campaign, Paul Manafort was let go in a rather weird circumstance when it was revealed how he was too cozy with Russia. 
Business Insider reported the FBI was looking into Donald Trump's former campaign manager's alleged ties to Russia- Paul Manafort indeed had worked in the Ukraine, obviously had contact with Russia.

How much evidence do Repulbicans need before they move forward to censure Donald Trump and his corrupt administration? After experiencing the wasteful money spent on bogus Congressional investigations, about the tragedy in Benghazi, Libya, it seems like the incriminating evidence about "Russia - gate" will come back to haunt all who ignore the evidence; especially when treasonous communications are suspected of influencing the highest levels of the American government. 

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