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Monday, February 13, 2017

Stephen Miller lies about voter fraud with crazy math

Donald Trump's bizarre surrogate #Achtung! spokesperson Stephen Miller made up the New Hampshire voter fraud report, told repeatendly to George Stephanopoulos and to Chuck Todd on Meet the Press . Where's Kelly Ayotte in this debacle?
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Former New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte was the state's Attorney General

At one time, former Senator Kelly Ayotte was the Attorney General of New Hampshire.  She knows there is no validity whatsoever to the false report given by Donald Trump's ghoul Stephen Miller about "enormous" numbers of people flooding into New Hampshire to vote during the 2016 election. 

In fact, I'm calling on the Honorable Ms. Ayotte to raise her right hand with her left on a Bible to give sworn testimony about Stephen Miller's bogus voter fraud claim.  

There's no mathematical way the New Hampshire vote count was inflated by "enormous numbers" of people who "crossed into the state" to skew the presidential election.  Telling this lie is unethical to say the least and it impunes the integrity of New Hampshire voters who are very proud of their historic "First in the Nation" record of patriotism.

Here's the official New Hampshire 2016 voter record:
Democrat 348,526 46.8%

Republican 345,790 46.5

In New Hampshire, the state's population is only 1.3 million people.  Mathematically, there's no way "enormous" numbers of people crossed into the state (from where?) to commit fraud in the state's presidential election. Stephen Miller lied.

Kelly Ayotte knows the truth. She must stand up for New Hampshire voters and tell the world what she knows to be Stephen Miller's lies about bogus voter fraud. 



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