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Thursday, January 05, 2017

Transition in the streets: Trump #notmypresident

#antiTrump movement is building momentum
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Millions of letters, email messages and voice mails were sent to the Electoral College delegates, to educate this body about their responsibility to elect a competent President. In other words, anybody but Donald Trump. This massive grass roots effort to prevent Donald Trump from being elected was successful in the overwhelming numbers of messages the college members received, but the enormous response didn't change their vote or the outcome of the 2016 electoral college. Sadly, the Electoral College didn't do its Constitutional job to protect America from incompetent leadership.

Nevertheless, the effort to "unelect", remove or impeach Donald Trump continues to build momentum.

In fact, the #Twitter world where @realdonaldtrump enjoys playing "king of the 'Putin' world", is electric with vitriolic anti Trump messaging. Groups like #notmypresident #theresistance #antiTrump and #Putin_hugger are just a few of the terrible hashtags pounding on the seemingly inept transition of the Donald Trump leadership team.

In my opinion, the momentum of these resistance groups are building. It's inevitable that protests will go to the streets sometime during the Donald Trump installation program in Washington DC.

Anti-Trump groups are gaining momentum. It wouldn't surprise me to see their efforts spill into the streets, similar to scenes we watched during the 1960's, when Americans were totally fed up with the Vietnam War.  Now, Americans are fed up with Donald Trump, because he hasn't done anything to improve our negative opinion of him despite relentless criticism about his lack of political leadership experience.

It's irresponsible for Americans to continue to support Donald Trump, a clearly incompetent leader, who will rule and misguide us by using "Twitter" in the Oval Office. It's time to support the antiTrump movement and take the peaceful protests to the streets.

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