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Monday, January 02, 2017

A terrifying new world order- Trump Putin narcissism bowl

These bookend portraits could be the movie trailer for an international horror story. Which one is the "patsy"?

America's "angry white men" and their wrong minded cohorts decided to vote for Donald Trump. They supported Donald Trump and his angry rhetoric rather than vote for the super well qualified Hillary Clinton, a woman, to lead the free world. Sadly, I sincerely doubt these same #fakenews voters were thinking about the horrible new world order their vote tacitly endorsed.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) said Sunday that Donald Trump must stop saying he has additional information about Russian hacking. In fact, Trump has zero information. Rather, Trump is damaging his credibility by even talking about Russian hacking.  Obviously, Trump knows nothing, will not provide any "revelation" because he has no morals.  Trump prefers to defend Russia than to believe the US intelligence information. Outrageous!

Indeed, even Trump's round head press secretary Sean Spicer can't defend the statements his boss is "trumping", when asked to do so by Matt Lauer, on The Today Show. All Spicer sort of said is "wait and see" (or neologisms to that effect).....that's absolutely unacceptable double speak in defense of Trump's inability to criticize Vladimir Putin for the evil wrong doing Russian interference in the US election. Incredulously, Spicer said that maybe the punishment for the interference didn't fit the crime? Unmitigated hypocrisy! Because, if the interference had caused Trump to loose the election, the Republicans would be calling for far worse retaliation than what President Obama did by expelling a few dozen Russian operatives who were living in the US.

Obviously, the new and chilling world order is now humming with a Russian directed duet. Trump looks like a Putin hugging "patsy". Two horrifying individuals, the men are obsessed with their puffed up importance. Trump and Putin evidently want to join hands and rule the world. In my opinion, Donald Trump was never elected to be Vladimir Putin's best friend. In making America great again, no one, not even Trump's white supremacist supporters, voted to create this chilling new world order. 

In the narcissism bowl, the looser will be the American people- we never voted for the mess Donald Trump intends to make by creating a chilling new world order.

Moreover, in the New 2017 year, I make this prediction about Donald Trump and his round head Press Secretary Sean Spicer: They will both fail in their unqualified attempts to be Russian apologists.

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