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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Cacophony of fear about Donald Trump unhinged leadership

"...only 46 percent of Americans are confident that Trump can handle an international crisis..."
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A cacophony of Twitterzins who are supported by major well known names are questioning Donald Trump's ability to lead.

With all the hours DonaldJTrump (@realdonaldtrump) spends hammering on Twitter, he's certainly witnessed in the immersion of horrific public relations being thrown against him, as he prepares to provide unhinged leadership to the free world.  I've never experienced anything like the negative cacophony in my lifetime. Frankly, I'm afraid of Donald Trump's inability to focus, his emotionally labile outrages, and petty criticisms and the presumptions he makes about "knowing more" than experts (like generals and intelligence officials) without revealing his dubious sources.  

Everyday, it seems like public personalities are voicing the concerns that those of us who are fearful are trying to conceptualize in a way that gets the attention of Republicans, who have the power to fix this mess. It Republicans who are responsible for the Trump political Frankenstein and they have the power to put him back into the proverbial political "lab-ooor-atorry".
A majority of Americans, including Bruce Springsteen doubt Donald Trump can perform essential presidential duties
Bruce Springsteen is even joining the fearful in the cacophony reports: TUESDAY, JAN 3, 2017 03:13 PM EST by Matthew Rozsa

A majority of Americans, including Bruce Springsteen doubt Donald Trump can perform essential presidential duties
A majority of Americans don't even believe Trump can handle foreign policy or avoid scandal

Not even a majority of Americans believe that President-elect Donald Trump can handle basic aspects of his presidential duties, according to a Gallup poll released on Monday.

The survey found that only 46 percent of Americans are confident that Trump can handle an international crisis. Similarly, only 47 percent believe Trump will use military force wisely. Finally, only 44 percent of Americans said they think Trump will be able to prevent major scandals during his presidency.

By contrast, when Barack Obama took office in 2009, 73 percent of Americans felt that he would be able to handle an international crisis, 71 percent believed he would use military force wisely, and 74 percent thought he would avoid major scandals. Similarly, when George W. Bush took office in 2001, 71 percent of Americans felt he could handle an international crisis effectively, 78 percent thought he would use military force wisely, and 77 percent thought he could avoid major scandals.

Trump’s two best numbers were in his ability to effectively work with Congress (60 percent) and his ability to effectively manage the economy (59 percent), although the former number is still far below 89 percent for Obama and 74 percent for Bush (there are no survey results for effectively managing the economy).

Perhaps appropriately, these survey results were consistent with comments by Bruce Springsteen in a recent appearance on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast.


I’ve felt disgust before, but never the kind of fear that you feel now,” Springsteen said. “It’s as simple as the fear of, is someone simply competent enough to do this particular job? Do they simply have the pure competence to be put in the position of such responsibility?”

This isn’t the first recent Gallup poll to bear bad news for The Donald. On Thursday a Gallup survey found that more Americans deemed Barack Obama (22 percent) to be the most admired man in America than Donald Trump (15 percent). While it is not abnormal for sitting presidents to surpass presidents-elect in that category, Obama himself had beaten George W. Bush in 2008 after his election.

Although Springsteen continues to be optimistic about America in anticipation of a fearful Trumpzi administration, I'm personally unconvinced.  Although I hope I'm wrong, in my opinion, America is headed for chaos because Donald Trump is emotionally labile, unpredictable, narcissistic and unable to accept expert direction.
Trump's best friend in Vladimir Putin.  Like Trump's mother Mary Anne likely told him - "watch who your friends are". 

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