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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

"Puff" pieces about Trump full of dark smoke

What will Kellyanne Conway be getting paid for if she can't even produce one puff piece about this caustic Trump transition?

In my experience, the time between the transition in American leadership is loaded with the news media reports about the "puff" in the lives of both the incoming and outgoing administrations. This is the time when we learn about the kind of food the new administration enjoys or what hobbies they might  have had before entering political life. Ha! Not in 2016!  Rather, every news story I'm reading is an exacerbation of the brutal campaign.  Trump followers are still as mean spirited and threatening as ever on the social media (especially on Twitter)  and the tone of the election has not changed. In fact, the nation is more divided than ever before, at least, that's what I'm seeing.  
Image result for graphic of black smoke
Rather than "puff" the media is responding to an endless stream of Trumzi dark smoke.

Where are the "puff" pieces?  Rather than puff, we're seeing a never ending stream of political "black smoke". In my opinion, these are signals about the scary leadership we can expect to see from a Trumponian "Trumpzi" administration. There was terror in Trump Towers when even a bag of toys left unattended was suspected as having "intentions of unknown origin". There was certainly no "puff" in the widespread panicked people fleeing from a bag of toys in the lobby of  New York City's Trump Towers.

Image result for bag of toys graphic
Toys caused panic at Trump Towers

Indeed, I'm afraid of Donald Trump's leadership. Moreover, I'm among many millions of others who feel the same way because Donald Trump has already shown America what kind of a person he is and it's not "compassionate conservatism".

Adding to the fog of smoke in the Trump transition are the annoying comments by Kellyanne Conway who has been given a prestigious role in the incoming administration. It's going to be impossible to accept anything Donald Trump says when Kellyanne Conway is his microphone. Imagine, the inevitable first adminisgtration crises when Conway has to re-explain what Trump said or didn't say. I predict it's going to be communications chaos 24/7. In fact, Kellyanne Conway will hardly ever get any sleep when she will obviously have to stay awake to monitor Trump's middle of the night Twitter tirades.

Sadly, there's no "puff" in the Trump transition because the entire campaign to elect him was full of hot air. Frankly, the only "puff" we can report is in response to the smoke and mirrors that Trump posts on Twitter.

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