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Monday, December 26, 2016

Trump creates a picture "tale of two Christmases"

President Obama and family posted an elegant Christmas picture as their greeting to the nation.  

Sadly and inappropriately, Donald Trump did not.

As though  Democrats need yet another chilling reminder of the abrasive and combative style of the Donald Trump political brand! Unfortunately, the Trump Christmas message posted on Twitter was as divisive as anything I've ever seen, even from a white supremisicst with Nazi sympathies.

Perhaps, Cardinal Timothy Dolan might want to take two asperin or some prefered headache treatment before considering what kind of January 20th prayer he will deliver in the presence of Donald Trump, a person who uses Christmas to exploit his tyrannical stature without regard for the peaceful message of the season. 

Obviously, Donald Trump had no intention of spreading peace when he gave a defiant pose in his creepy holiday Twitter message.

Contrast the beautiful photo posted by President Obam and family:

Thank you President Barack Obama and family for this peacefull beautiful message.

Contrast this:
Grinch Trump

Honestly, I can't help thinking about Donald Trump's mother, Mary Anne MacLeod Trump, and how she certainly taught her son much better manner than to create defiance and more division on Christmas. She did not raise her son to deliberately create the mirror image of himself as a reminder of Adolf Hitler. 

The photographs create a tale of two Christmases. Donald Trump, prefers to  post a chilling harbinger of Christmases yet to come. #ScroogeAlert

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