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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Alt-right is in cult mentality - anecdotes urgently needed

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Branding "alternative facts" and "fake news" as "lies"

Telling lies and re-branding them as "alternate facts" or "fake news" are becoming increasingly unbelievable; but a cultist's way to dismantle truth. Americans absolutely and unequivocally can't allow this double speak Orwellian processing of "untruth" to continue. Telling lies under any euphemism is still "telling lies".  HELLO?  Remember the cliche "If it walks like a duck"?

There are Biblical rules against telling lies. Bearing false witness is specifically addressed in the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20 2-17. Deuteronomy 5:6-21).

Jesus proclaimed the righteous would be filled, as one of the 9 Beatitudes, as described by Matthew 5: 3-12. So, how is it that Christians, many Roman Catholics (including American Catholic Bishops) and Republicans who blindly support Donald Trump, continue to believe, support and repeat the lies his campaign built up into a sublime art form, without calling them "sins" or "falsehoods", or "untruths" or "false witness".

Perhaps you're not a Christian or a person who believes in Scripture, either Old or New Testament? For the secular person, here's the lexicon of synonyms in the Thesaurus associated with the word "lie". Along with the obvious synonyms, like "deceit" and "deception", some of the graphic "lie" associations include "forgery" and "whopper", among others. Check them out.

Consequently, the purpose of this blog is to explore my thoughts about how to compound an anecdote for the dangerous slippery slope of creating euphemisms for the practice of telling lies. "Alternative facts" are lies, the term is now viral and must be added to the Thesaurus. "Fake News" is clearly stated as being "not true"; but, incredulously, the "fake news" phenomenon has created cult believers! Donald Trump is the "Fake News Creator in Chief"! As a matter of fact, in the ethnographers world, where culture is examined by graphics and the written word, Trump gets the brand of being the "fake news" source, because he invented "birtherism", which is The Big Lie (a Joseph Goebbels concept) about President Barack Obama's birthplace.

So, how do we compound an anecdote for "alternative facts"? Obviously, a vaccine prevention or a verbal antibiotic cure isn't possible. Even more profound, the word "truth" doesn't penetrate into the "alternative facts" disease. It's like fighting the deadly Ebola virus, without using rubber gloves, because, eventually, the fake news germ will overcome voices demanding "proof" and "accountability". Right wing cultists can't believe in truth, unless they hear it couched in alternative facts and fake news.

Blogs, like Maine Writer (not intended to be a plug!) must be pervasive to pressure the Donald Trump cultists into producing evidence to sustain their fake news "lies".

In other words, just where are the millions of undocumented who voted when they weren't authorized to do so? This myth was created by the Trumpzi regime to erroneously rationalize how Donald Trump lost the popular vote by 2.8+ million votes.

Donald Trump really believes the National Association of Secretaries of State, in all 50 United States, conspired to allow from 3-5 million non-documented people to vote in the presidential election? Of course, Trump is delusional, but that's what makes "fake news" tangentially insidious. It's weird thinking gone "viral", crated by the delusional cult leader i.e. Donald Trump. 

Eventually, truth risks collapsing under the weight of the delusional cult phenomenon.

Visually, the highly successful "Women's March" on January 21st, was one anecdote; because, eventually, even the cult leader Donald Trump acknowledged the reality of the international movement.

So, here's my compound to anecdote the cult of alternative facts and fake news. We must respond to in real time, sustained by the light of truth. Although this sounds altruistic or simplistic, it's indeed a dangerous concoction, as millions of oppressed people who lived during the Cambodian Khmer Rouge genocide know, only too well.

Our anecdote for the alternative facts and fake news cottage industries, gone viral in the United States White House, must be adjudicated, challenged under the First Amendment and relentlessly reinforced by truth telling, at all levels of communication.
The Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes demand it of us.

This is America's time to stand firm for truth; but it will take a sustainability effort like nothing we've ever experienced in the past.

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